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01 May 2007 @ 07:04 pm
A Little Pain to Your Failure  
Setting: Midgar, Jade, Your Mom.
Characters: Riku (black_keyblade), Albedo (sweetvice), Mello (not_mellow) & Roxas (hairgeljunkie)
Status: In progress~

It was not a familiar situation that Mello had found himself in, settled upon the chair in his Shinra office, absently staring at his suspected pet and his mind rolling through details as he ironed his intentions. He often reacted by instinct, perhaps reckless to an infinite degree, but it generally supplied him results he would find himself fond of... However, research had reflected that planning would have been necessary, it fortunately a task that came easily to him.

Simply not frequently desired.

Shifting forward as the chair protested beneath him, the blonde grabbed the phone from his desk - another miracle in itself, he often calling upon Raziel to hold the blasted thing - leaning his elbows against the wooden surface. It had been the third replacement for the week, and he wasn't seeing another in his near future. Not unless he was interrupted once more.

Absently, he pounded rhythmically into the keys, feeling his tension stretch as he forced aside a growl, it feral as he felt his patience ebb. Someone had escaped him, an important figure wiped from the records.. And while Mello had known only his name, it had taken some effort and a greater amount of time to discover the face of this illusive pain in his ass.

And for that, he'd make him pay. No one disobeyed him, and he wouldn't stand for this disgusting disrespect.

Bowing his head as his brows knitted, Mello waited as the phone rang, calling into the depths of Jade to the lone man he was about to rip everything from, and promptly shove it down his mother-fucking throat.
black_keyblade on May 2nd, 2007 06:54 am (UTC)
Having returned from work Riku was more than a little disappointed he'd missed Roxas' leave, but he had been issued demands that seemed less than reasonable and had taken him ages to meet. But he'd assured himself once again that it was for a worthy cause and with that in mind he had completed it regardless of how long it took.

The next time the man wanted some obscure blend of tea and served in just a certain way he could get someone else to do it. Riku was fast becoming impatient in that regard, this among his considerations as he tossed his uniform aside and found some clothes he was far more comfortable in, pulling them on before stowing them away.

Better Roxas not find out what sort of work he'd taken on, much less have the opportunity to quesiton it. The job was embarrassing enough without the thought that his boyfreind might find out, which his employer was definitely dangling over his head every five seconds, and apparently amused by.

How the man even found out about Roxas, he didn't know, but he wasn't the least bit happy about it.

Having hidden the infernal clothing successfully he was about to turn to the possible task of making some kind of meal when he heard the phone ring, reluctant to hunt it down but doing so on the off chance perhaps Roxas needed something, though he never seemed to encounter problems when he was out at work.

Picking up the reciever he waited a moment before speaking. "Hello?" Riku had never much favored the phone but if he had to he'd answer it. Being unable to speak on the device was not a weakness he was willing to foster within himself by any means.
not_mellow on May 2nd, 2007 07:04 am (UTC)
Mello had nearly determined the possibility that the phone would not be answered, thus increasing the probability it would find itself flung at Albedo. Yet as he felt his hand clench at the receiver, arm tense with a restrained temptation, he paused at the sound of the phone being answered.

My, it did seems blessings were granted.

.. Though Mello would have much adored the chance to beat the other boy upside the head.

Waiting a pulse as he heard the other answer, the blonde mused the particular appearance of his escaped employee, casting the provided photograph a dark look. While it was terribly distorted and somewhat bleak in features, there was no denying to some degree that it could perhaps resemble a man.. Of feminine qualities.. What was with men these days? Disgusting homosexuals, ought to all be shot. Repeatedly. In various parts of the body.

"I have something blonde and pretty, and I think he may belong to you," he replied after a beat, casting a brief glance toward the nearby chair where a jacket was draped. "It'd be a shame to dirty his jacket any more.. It looked new." A thin smile began to creep across his features as he felt the malice boil within him, shifting in his seat as his grip would simply remain upon the phone. He was going to make this poor bastard pay for escaping him.
black_keyblade on May 3rd, 2007 05:17 am (UTC)
Where Riku had expected a routine phone conversation, some short exchange that meant little if anything, as much was hardly supplied. Brows knit as he registered the words he debated whether this might be some sort of ruse, and further how people were happening to know things he didn't exactly broadcast.

Edgeworth had known as well and that made him question where the information was coming from, however his attention didn't remain on that idea for long with the thought that something may have happened to Roxas, and it would be his fault.

Roxas had already dealt with so much, suffered far more than he ever could have deserved, things he still didn't understand but would not ask. Whatever all had occurred it had been hell and the thought that it might repeat itself was something that he could not accept, gripping the phone as shadows writhed in their respective locations.

"...And what? I take it you're wanting something." Whoever this joker was he had to have ulterior motives if he was serious, else there seemed no reason to call Riku. Simply informing him didn't seem something one would do unless they'd some sort of demand, though what he might have that anyone would want was beyond him.
not_mellow on May 3rd, 2007 05:25 am (UTC)
The pause was enough to determine that he had managed to capture the other's attention, a prior concern that Mello hadn't shaded much debate over. If Riku had failed to be uncooperative, he would have simply resorted to another method, dragging the youth in by force.

This particular approach, however, had been elected for successful results.

"Strike an attitude with me and I'll shoot his other arm," the blonde replied darkly, far from a fan for picking his battles; if this insignificant pain in his ass was going to take a tone with him, he wouldn't hesitate to terminate his hostage. There was little reason for him to keep him while he was simply taking up space downstairs.

"I'd like to return him to you. However, you need to come here and we can have.. A little chat.. Come unarmed and come alone, though I doubt it'll matter. It's his head you'd be sacrificing and I don't much care for blondes."
black_keyblade on May 3rd, 2007 06:58 am (UTC)
Though not at all pleased with the situation with every syllable he heard Riku remained silent, listening to whatever the hell this freak seemed to want from him. Why he demanded a chat was beyond him as he would have assumed some monetary demand or another.

Further, how had this person managed to overpower Roxas? His boyfriend was certainly formiddable and that much had been demonstrated before.

The man seemed pretty impatient too, something that was noted for later use if there was the possibility of utilizing it. Whatever was meant to be discussed it seemed a rather big deal to this guy for unknown reasons, but the remark about coming alone and unarmed amused him.

After all, the only weapon he'd used in nearly five years had been his shadow. He had another, of course, but he'd yet to pull it on anyone. "...Where might here be?" Riku inquired after some moments of silence, voice neutral. Whatever was going on he needed to be careful.
not_mellow on May 3rd, 2007 02:10 pm (UTC)
Mello smiled darkly to find that he had managed to mold the other male as he expected, yet wasn't ignorant enough to confuse himself. Riku had been Shinra's former bodyguard, presently MIA and likely dangerous to some account. Other guards of the building had recalled the male seeming isolated, intimidating.. Yet had never determined why.

Nor were they presented the opportunity before Mello had simply lost all interest in the subject.

Fact of the matter, Riku had been absent the day of his take over, and he didn't appreciate tardiness. It would seem some education would be necessary, and given his pet's abilities, the incident wasn't likely to occur again.. If ever.

"Shinra Headquarters. Expect some.. Remodeling.. And Riku? If you fuck this up... I'll fuck him up."

The idea of perhaps rolling the boy down in the holding cells through the dirt and torment of the white labs amused him, and he certainly wouldn't ignore the invitation. If Riku decided he wanted to play games, Mello really would show him what it was like to lose everything... Even without being a nice guy and allowing him a chance to earn it back.
black_keyblade on May 4th, 2007 04:35 am (UTC)
For several moments he said nothing at all, silence as he weighed what might happen. Were it not for Xemnas' prior torment he may not have had such a concept of how poorly things could go for Roxas, but with that experience in mind if he had any control of it he would do something about it. "...Right. Expect me shortly, then." Riku said, hanging up the phone as he assumed this verbal interaction was concluded.

He watched the idle device for several moments, debating what was wanted of him that might demand such measures. Getting Roxas into any form of dangerous situation was not at all desired and it concerned him that he may already have been hurt, bothered by the idea that his love had suffered some torment that may well have been avoided.

And then there was the fact that it was Shinra. That was definitely not Rufus but he had no idea who it was or why they sought ot contact him. For whatever the reason they had, and that was all that he could really think about it, mind constantly shifting focus back to Roxas. His concern was near overwhelming his thoughts and there was nothing to quell it, but he did his best to focus.

Using his powers to get there would be most efficient, but as no one from Shinra had seen a use of his power he decided it would be best to choose a location nearby and walk from there. Although he wanted to rush in he had to be careful, else... Something he didn't wish to consider.

He vanished from the living room to reappear in an alley not far from the Shinra building, hurrying along to make his way there before darting into the elevator before more than a few people recognized him. His arrival would be markedly fast but he didn't particularly care what the man from the phone call made of his ability to get from Jade to Shinra in less than five minutes.
Roxas: OHNOEShairgeljunkie on May 4th, 2007 05:13 am (UTC)
Roxas couldn't help but shoot his fading tracks a dark look, bitter that he had been called into work with the intention to be dismissed for the day. Had he known Ludwig's sick twist of humor, perhaps he would have ignored this beckoning, far from pleased that he may have missed the opportunity to see Riku home.

Their work schedules had certainly become a hindrance of sorts, often conflicting to a degree where they were only making moments between passing; while he was curious to what it may have been the other was doing, he certainly didn't feel free to elect the conversation, quite aware he wanted to avoid the subject himself.. Fortunately, it didn't seem his daily attendance would be needed, Ludwig often chasing him out of the store to see to some personal business. Not that it much mattered to Roxas in the end, but hours were hours.

Pulling his jacket tighter around him as he gave a soft sigh, he hoped that Riku would be home and perhaps he could surprise him with his early return. And then encourage some time spent on the couch entangled against him.

Warmed by the idea of simply seeing his love, Roxas came to the front door quickly as he kicked off his shoes, peering into the kitchen for a sight of his boyfriend. As far as he could tell, he hadn't wandered into this room and yet...


He couldn't shake the feeling as though he had been there...
not_mellow on May 4th, 2007 05:18 am (UTC)
Riku's abrupt leave was a bit alarming, Mello feeling his temper boil as he simply slammed the phone back into place. Then bowing his head as he leaned against his date, he waited for a pulse before allowing a thick smile to grace his lips.

Riku was coming, sooner or later.. Though the blonde drastically hoped for the former. It'd be nice to see that son of a bitch into his office as soon as humanly possible just to watch him crumble at his feet.

Nevermind the fact it'd be Albedo who'd commence the crumbling.

Appearing to notice that the boy was in the room - perhaps otherwise oblivious in the privacy of his thoughts - he cast him a long look before indicating toward the nearby wall. It wouldn't do for Riku to see Albedo immediately.. But if the rumors were true of the other's abilities, he'd no doubt notice him either way..

"Wait over there. When he comes in we can.. Show him your talents..." Mello didn't know why he felt nearly giddy when he spoke of his pet's abilities. But perhaps that was indigestion.
sweetvice on May 4th, 2007 05:57 am (UTC)
Albedo had contented himself with cutting his hand open repeatedly, watching the sinews and flesh repair themselves over and over again, never quite losing their efficiency. It was something he didn't tire of really, especially given how much he managed ot enjoy the pain such minor wounds caused him. It felt good.

Or perhaps it was that the action tethered him to reality. While he was immortal he could still feel the pain of wounds, even if it was rather fleeting.

Hearing the order he shrugged and set the letter opener upon the desk where he'd found it, strolling over to the indicated space. If this was to be a surprise he'd surely be willing to participate, especially given how bored he was. And he was rather fond of the idea that Mello thought his powers so useful. Something that he always managed to appreciate.

Waiting thus he debated folding his arms and decided against it, blinking as he felt something change. It hadn't been there before and suddenly it was, his eyes briefly pulsing a neon violet. Well, that was interesting. Suddenly there was a foreign wave-form there which had not been accounted for earlier. He'd felt it before, he was sure, in the darkness below the building.

Yes, and the guards were saying something about a monster, hadn't they?

Whatever it was, he supposed he'd see soon enough. There was no monster greater than himself as far as he was concerned.
black_keyblade on May 4th, 2007 06:20 am (UTC)
After a few minutes Riku was starting to think that he would have been better off taking the stairs, annoyed as moments passed and his worries related to Roxas only climbed. How he had been captured or why were still things that were not understood and what motivated it was a greater mystery still yet. He only hoped that his boyfriend was safe.

Which he couldn't be if he was at the mercy of some loon, but given Roxas was in good condition he didn't see how someone had managed to overpower him. He knew the other was perfectly capable of defending himself and perhaps his capabilities went beyond even what Riku understood of them, aware of little else but a marked speed and the ability to call more than one keyblade.

When the elevator came to a halt and the doors opened he rushed through the space between them and down the corridor to what had once been Rufus' office, trying not to run but barely preventing the action. His strides were quick as he made his way for the door he was well familiar with, pausing just outside it as he wondered again what he might be met with.

Whatever it was he had to keep himself from showing some emotional response. That would be what they wanted, that would be some indicator of weakness, and he would not allow that. He had to do his best to don the mask he'd so often worn in Shinra, even if it had been some time since last he had done so.

Bearing that thought in mind he opened the door and stepped in, unsure what would greet him or why but determined to remain stoic nonetheless.
not_mellow on May 4th, 2007 06:22 am (UTC)
Calm and patient, Mello was not, but he did reflect an observant habit as he settled in his chair.

With a disgusted look toward the letter opener - had he witnessed Albedo fiddling with his supplies prior, he would have chucked a paper weight at his head - he made note to dispose of it later.. Perhaps have Riku take care of that handy little job once they were.. Finished with their meeting.

Watching Albedo for a pulse and witnessing the change in his eyes - an interesting adjustment, that - he simply hiked his brows with thought before his focus was deterred toward the door. It didn't require much intellect to realize the office was being approached, and he brood shortly over the matter of the jackass coming from Jade.

... Though it was a curious thought as to why his boyfriend would be in Midgar. Weren't they supposed to live together...?

Pushing the thought out of his mind as he witnessed the other step into his office, he shifted back in his chair in a most nonchalant manner, eyes flickering toward Albedo's stationed person before he nodded toward Riku.

".. Check that he's unarmed." Of course, it wasn't his intention for Albedo to frisk him, but immediate physical contact would be necessary.
sweetvice on May 4th, 2007 07:00 am (UTC)
As the newcomer entered Albedo didn't immediately react, instead observing this individual Mello had been so intent upon meeting. There was something unusual about his wave pattern and it was nothing the boy could possibly overlook, feeling the change in the air as he walked into the room.

This fellow was not-quite-normal, though to what degree or just how were both questionable. Regadless of rhyme or reason he simply was, and the boy made note of it for future reference.

There were always reasons for individuals to be called monsters, and only one person could bear this wave form, this subconscious pattern of energy. Whatever it was that garnered such a name did not matter, but what did was that he had it. And that, he was curious to find out more about.

A man who had been bodyguard to Rufus Shinra, and of apparent repute. And a rather young one at that...

Attention flicking to Mello he failed to mask a snicker as he nodded, stepping forward and considering what he might say as he stood before the silver-haired male, but opted nothing at all as his hand plunged straight into the fellow's waist, violet glow immediately pulsing to life and flowing down his arm, and he could already feel the writing, the resistance that came of such an invasion.

While he'd passed through solid flesh it would not leave a mark, but it surely hurt as though a cannon ball had passed through the youth's ribs. Not that he cared at all for that discomfort, watching the male spasm as he attempted some form of resistance, some kind of struggle, but only incoherencies and twitching.

"You'll just make it hurt more that way~" Not that Albedo would care, far more interested in completing what Mello had assigned him as a task. And what a fun one it was.
not_mellow on May 4th, 2007 01:32 pm (UTC)
There was always something about the boy's laugh that would make Mello's skin crawl, an effect he wouldn't entirely admit as he discovered himself rising. Moving around the side of the desk, he was bemused as he found himself handling the letter opener, reminded once more that it would be best to simply throw the damn thing away. It was tainted with a beast's blood, nevermind the fact Albedo managed to be more useful than all his men combined.

Point in case as he lifted his attention in time to watch Riku twitch at the literal fist of Albedo's power. Oh, sweet revenge.

"How invasive..." he mused, tossing the tool in his hand with a rhythmic nature, focus shifting back toward the pair. It was a delightful sight to see someone out of his control in pain, about to be buckled beneath his thumb with a lesson well deserved. And yet...

Frowning at the realization that Albedo was managing to steal the glory of this incident, he gave a soft growl before chucking the letter opener at the wall. Far from entertained as it pierced the plaster, he turned back fiercely toward his company, glowering darkly as he leaned upon the desk. So much to do and with so little time.. The hostage was likely being released by now if the guards had noticed Riku's arrival. No reason to have a body occupying that additional space...

"I'm going to teach you a lesson in management. When I say jump.. You'll say how high. We won't play these damn shadow games of yours." Mello sorely hoped that Riku was being fed what it was he was saying, otherwise Albedo relating it to him. "Chances are after this... You won't be absent again."

Smiling sickly to himself, he drummed his fingertips against the desk, nearly chortling with a private glee that he was about to do upon others he dare not do upon himself. "Let's.. Rearrange that little world of his."
sweetvice on May 4th, 2007 10:51 pm (UTC)
Twisting someone's mind around was easy enough for Albedo, something he was rather used to. He wasn't entirely familiar with what he was to do to the taller male, save there were some changes in order. They would hardly be permanent given that would require near constant attention and contact, but he could certainly distort for a time and that seemed to be suitable enough for Mello's purposes.

Hearing the man speak he simply toyed with memory, distorting things such that Riku believed he was a good little servant, which apparently wasn't far from his present job. The memory of what the fellow wore did nothing to keep him focused, giggling at the image that flowed through the mental connection but soon returning his attention to the matter of arranging things properly.

The boy mused how long it might last, people's subconscious minds highly variable in nature. At least for a time there would be little that the fellow could do to resist what was being planted in his mind, careful with these adjustments.

Again the taller male twitched, seizing as his mind was further assailed but unable to consciously act to defend himself, eyes glazed in his limited awareness. Oh he knew something was inside his head and he knew he wanted it out but he was unable to act upon it, unable to put up any resistance as Albedo wandered the routes of memory.

Only to find something he distinctly hated, irritation prompting an unpleasant pulse of energy as the other would cry out, and were it not for his power Riku may well have collapsed. Those memories reminded him of something, something that was just beyond his reach. He knew that it was painful but that was all that he knew, eyes narrowed with this reminder and the malice it inspired.

Albedo hated people like this. People who found someone to love them so singularly, to look at them and only at them, people that would never abandon them. He loathed them and so he resented Riku, wanting to simply hurt him but focusing on what he was supposed to do.

There was more than one way to hurt someone, he knew. There were many ways in fact and he was fairly certain Mello would prompt at least one of them.
not_mellow on May 5th, 2007 03:07 am (UTC)
There certainly was a number of things in the other life that Mello felt himself blind to notice, amused as he watched the two and particularly Albedo's expression. The boy gathered such malicious entertainment with his ability to toy from others, something Mello could certainly relate to, but not in the same extreme. He had a more.. Physical method of mind-fucking.

With a brooding intensity did the blond listen to the other cry out, again reminded that Albedo was rather sensitive to certain subjects. Then recalling that the previously MIA bodyguard was locked in a fairly.. Intimate relationship, he felt a small grin grace his lips before he could persuade himself to move forward.

"Find something.. Disgusting?" Musing as he stared at Riku for a beat, Mellow supplied his pet a side-long glance. ".. A relationship, perhaps? Never would have figured him a faggot."

Shaking his head as he'd simply shrug, he folded his arms over his chest, absently chewing on a thick square of chocolate.

"Make it meaningless.. Something he'll look back on tomorrow morning with disgust. He'll regret every instant they've spent together.. But for tonight.. For the sake of a stage... Let him love him tonight. A violent one night stand." He grinned to the idea of Riku storming out of his home in Jade - assuming the blonde brat would be back in time - disgusted with himself, with his enraged libido, the horrifying truth that he had slept with a slut.. Nearly made him giggle with glee.


".. What do you think.. Albedo?" It wasn't often he asked for the other's opinion, but he felt it wouldn't hurt to stretch his general habits a bit.
sweetvice on May 5th, 2007 05:46 am (UTC)
In truth Albedo couldn't have cared less whether it was a male or female this Riku was so close to. What bothered him was the fact that there was something he didn't have. He didn't much care what they did behind closed doors and there was honestly very little on the world that could possibly manage to alarm him, especially given how his mind was, but what mattered were the feelings attached to it.

The things that Riku associated with that person, the way he was treated and the way he was spoken to, those things bothered him. There wasn't a time that he could remember the feelings those memories inspired in this person, nothing that made him feel or think the same way. And knowing that contrast was something he would have preferred not to experience.

Despite that he kept as calm as he might manage, resentment apparent beneath the surface as he took in what Mello was suggesting. To be able to cause such change after a period of absence would be terribly draining for him, his powers focused on the supply of presence, however he felt he'd enough of a handle on Riku's wave form to be able to cause that change.

It'd be like dominoes really. Knock one memory down and then another, and though it wouldn't last it would certainly provide a marked change in the other's thoughts and behavior for a time. He doubted that could last the length of a day once it set in, as distance did not much favor the situation, but it would likely have satisfactory results.

And this person could know what it was like to feel lonely. Albedo felt that was something that others should have to know if he did, setting the pieces in place to the best of his ability.

At the very least, Mello was giving him some good practice.

"At that distance I can't refresh the changes I make but it should last a while..." The boy stated, for once not sounding terribly amused as he focused entirely on his rearranging of subconscious information. "And he'll remember when he's normal again."
not_mellow on May 5th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
Limitations, always irritating, little limitations.

Feeling a scowl dominate his features as he'd abruptly turn away from the pair, Mello retreated back to his desk to drum his fingertips restlessly against the surface. It certainly was a point he would have otherwise ignored.. And it'd do little good for Riku to correct what changes had occur so quickly. Certainly the reality of the event wouldn't have even set in within that amount of time...

"Fine," he stated abruptly, turning as he frowned. "Then bring him closer. Make him work here again. He can live with the other parasites in the guard quarters." He didn't know to what extent that may have been effective, but perhaps it would change something...

Perhaps not.

Either way, it was worth a chance, something he was willing to accept though preferably easily exercised by his pet. "He's free to remember whatever the hell he wants when he's normal. Just keep him under your control.. You're good at that, kid. We both know it."

If convincing Riku that he made a practice of working for Shinra would increase the opportunity for Albedo to flex his control over the damn betrayer.. That'd work just fine. By the time he did remember, it'd be too late to isolate the situation and perhaps correct his mistakes. And then with nothing to return to, Shinra would be his only refuge.

Yes, this would work beautifully.
sweetvice on May 5th, 2007 06:54 am (UTC)
Either a change of plan or new addition, but whichever it was didn't really matter to him. He'd just have to focus his power and use his influence. More of a test than anything those scientists had ever presented him with, that was for certain.

Albedo would only offer a nod as he continued to probe into the other male's mind, finding a marked amount of those feelings residing, as well as shadows that he couldn't really determine the source of. There was something dark inside him but the what and why were not things that he was willing to delve into. It'd be enough keeping someone under his thumb for an extended period.

That'd be exceptiontally tiring but he felt it was within his capabilities. And given that he recieved plenty of attention and some levels of praise the boy was content to try. At least he had someone to be around, which was better than that period where he was roving about in the darkness by himself. He'd felt as though he had lacked something, but he couldn't grasp what it was.

But he'll also know I was in his mind...

How Mello would explain that away during this period that Riku was allowed some false sense of security, he didn't really know. But the fellow seemed to have a penchant for elaborate plans so there was likely something to be said for it.
not_mellow on May 5th, 2007 07:02 am (UTC)
Mello felt content with his intentions, pleased to know that to some extent, Riku would be under his control.. Despite the fact it would be channeled through Albedo.

Attempting to ignore this small fact, he reclaimed his place behind his desk, propping his feet up upon the surface as he shot Riku a dark, nearly loathing look.

He'd have a final evening to return home to that faggottery he had managed to build in Jade. A loving evening with the damn boy he had trapped downstairs - or so he figured. He had never clarified his identity, nor had he particularly cared. He had simply been told that Riku was bedding some short blonde with a mutt.. And the kid had fit the description to a T. Then come morning, Riku would wake, see a mess best left for a whore-house, ditch his former boyfriend like a bad-habit and be on Mello's doorstep by lunch... Perfect. Just what he wanted.

It was a shame he wouldn't be there to see Riku's final moments with the runt downstairs. Not that it much mattered to him, he'd have plenty enjoyment simply dreaming the results.

"Wrap this up, kid. Show me how good you are."
sweetvice on May 6th, 2007 07:46 am (UTC)
It was something of a backhanded compliment and Albedo wasn’t flattered that Mello seemed to be egging him on. But then he didn’t quite know the level of detail or focus that it demanded and perhaps the man didn’t think he was rushing something that truly required patience. He hadn’t routinely done anything that might be intended to have long-term efficacy and for that he felt he had to take his time, careful that his work did not blow up in his face or consume him.

There was no means to deceive Riku into believing that Albedo had not just stuck his hand straight into the other’s body, but Mello could come up with some form of explanation on his own. The boy wasn’t terribly concerned about formulating that, instead contemplating what might be demanded in order to keep this game going.

It couldn’t last forever even when close, and he wasn’t sure if Mello was at all aware of the fact, but he should have been. Nothing was entirely without limit, a thought he reflected upon as his hand withdrew from Riku’s waist without so much as a scratch, running the hand over his hair as he watched the older male struggle with his restored control and wonder at the lack of injury.

Surely it was quite something to suddenly be able to control oneself again. Likely a relief as well, and perhaps a cause for indignation. While the taller youth recovered, he could only wonder.
not_mellow on May 6th, 2007 08:00 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately for perhaps Albedo, Mello's stretch of patience was generally next to none, he fairly familiar with his own methods and his approaches toward handling situations. If he wanted something done, it generally didn't take much effort or consideration before he would complete the task. Some may have thought this as reckless... Until they found a bullet in their head and they weren't likely thinking after such occasions.

To some degree aware of how taxing the procedure may be, having inquired to a great extent of what the task would include, the blonde had made a number of assumptions himself. And while conscious of the fact it was likely best to leave the kid to adjust Riku's subconscious without being rushed, the separate portion of him that enjoyed things completed in a timely manner didn't much favor such ideas.

Observing this exchange from his seat, Mello would only wait, eventually beckoning Albedo to join him in the event Riku suddenly became violent. It wasn't an opportunity he'd wish to chance, particularly where he felt Albedo important, though this likely only temporary.. Until he found a new use for him.

".. Feeling better?" he asked Riku, tone almost teasing.
sweetvice on May 7th, 2007 02:36 am (UTC)
Albedo was quick to withdraw from Riku, not showing an apparent haste or fear but glad not to be near something that inspired such resentment within him. He didn't mind resenting or hating anyone or anything, but he didn't like knowing the fellow garnered the sorts of attention that he was never able to gain.

He was not loved and doubted that he would be, and that would have been fine with him if it didn't feel as though something gnawed away at him with the thought. The boy wanted to be loved and accepted and wanted but none of those things were likely to occur for him, and it made him resent this male even more. And as far as he was concerned the guy deserved to know what isolation really was.

Taking a seat upon one corner of the desk he watched Riku, aware he was likely not going to sleep well while he had to maintain a focus, especially causing changes over a range far greater than he was used to. No rest for the wicked was probably a fitting statement, and he debated what he'd do with that time.
black_keyblade on May 7th, 2007 02:55 am (UTC)
Having his mind invaded in some manner was nothing that Riku enjoyed, and nothing he would care for a repeat of. Having never seen the boy before he hadn't any idea what the kid had been capable of and thus, he was still trying to get a handle on what had occurred. The boy had somehow invaded his mind, flipping though his memories as though through the pages of a book, and while aware of this invasion he didn't understand it at all.

Blinking as mental clarity returned to him his eyes would only narrow upon Mello, tempted to attack but reminded of what had happened to Roxas. He'd heard some of what was said but not all, mind having lost focus a number of times as pain consumed the entirety of his attention, and he was certain he'd missed something important. Just what it was, he wasn't entirely sure of.

Perhaps he didn't want to know what their conversation had consisted of.

He didn't say a word in reply to the question, simply looking upon the blond man with an edge of malice. Whatever he wanted and whatever the hell he'd done, the only thing that mattered to Riku was that Roxas was okay. There was nothing else to concern himself with, after all. His boyfriend's safety was paramount where he was concerned.
not_mellow on May 7th, 2007 03:24 am (UTC)
Watching Albedo sit on the corner of his desk brought a streak of displeasure through him as Mello had beckoned him to him, not to take occupancy on his damn furniture. And while briefly irritated that the boy couldn't follow that instruction, he figured it best to simply correct it himself, leaning forward as he'd have to bring his legs to the floor.

Grabbing Albedo by the back of his shirt, he yanked him from his perch rather abruptly, dragging the kid across the desk to position him between his legs and upon his seat. With this accomplished and Mello reassured that if Riku decided to launch himself across the room, Albedo was temporarily safe, he turned his attention back to the other male expectantly. Eventually, the questions would come..

".. And you're waiting for what?" he finally asked, depositing a candy-bar into the kid's grubby hands; it wasn't much at present, but he was attempting to manipulate his environment to reward the brat. And it was an honor above all else for Mello to share, though he didn't imagine Albedo would carry similar sentiments as himself for the stuff. If he didn't all the better for him.

"We released Blondie while you were convulsing. He's probably on his way home by now," the Shinra president continued as his hands fell on Albedo's shoulders, and he murmured lightly. "Good job, kid. Damn good job. Keep this up and everyone will adore you."

Not particularly true, but Mello could make certain they at least pretended.

"Now get the hell out of my office."
black_keyblade on May 7th, 2007 04:04 am (UTC)
Being told that was far from assuring, and Riku was attempted to use his shadows, but decided to refrain. If the guy proved dishonest he'd see what the shadow-user could really do but for the moment he would sooner leave his powers unknown. Making them obvious to someone who seemed not to know much of anything about him would be a waste especially where the element of surprise might someday be of use.

Scowling still as he regarded the two he found it funny the boy was dragged to sit with the blond, though hardly caring about what habits or social interaction they might share. If the guy had some thing for kids, it wasn't any of his business and he wasn't about to make it as much. Better to get out of there and hope that kid hadn't been fishing for anything in particular, especially where it might cause Roxas more trouble.

He never wanted to be a source of trouble for the other.

Turning thus he said nothing, opening the door and closing it with his departure, immediately looking down either side the corridor stretched before vanishing to reappear in the streets of Jade. If that man was lying he'd fast find himself in a world of hurt, and most didn't have a very good time realing with darkness.

Particularly, where combatting it was concerned.

For the moment however he focused upon getting home and hopefully finding that Roxas was well. He didn't know what might have happened to him but he hoped it was nothing severe. His boyfriend had endured far too much already and that concern never left his mind.
sweetvice on May 7th, 2007 11:35 am (UTC)
Albedo hadn’t thought his placement would be corrected, accustom to the idea that Mello didn’t particularly favor having someone seated on or terribly close to him. Not that the boy often minded as he really didn’t care all that much, but he’d taken it into some consideration for once and having that negated was surprising, though he made no outward efforts to show as much.

Being given chocolate was something that the boy first questioned but said nothing about, considering the fact that Mello seemed absolutely addicted to the substance, though he had yet to understand just why that was. The guy liked it, and at some point he’d insinuate the fellow got off on it somehow. Albedo enjoyed pain and Mello had a thing for chocolate. Somehow he felt the other’s fixation weirder.

His thoughts drifted down such avenues as he watched Riku depart; aware he had quite a bit of work ahead of him still yet. Tooling about was one thing but making sure it worked effectively was another matter entirely, and would be rather draining to maintain. In spite of that he would strive to get the job done.

The comment about how well he did was much more like candy to Albedo than the chocolate ever would be, though he’d his doubts about adoration of any form. Insecurities he didn’t even recall the source of were fast conflicting with those ideas but he didn’t make mention. As long as he wasn’t alone he was perfectly fine. Company was all he really wanted.

But he had to think about how he was going to carry things out as Mello had expressed a desire for.

A definite lack of sleep in his future, but his body never ailed anyhow.
not_mellow on May 7th, 2007 02:15 pm (UTC)
Mello mused over the matter of handing the kid a candy bar as he watched him for a beat, his interest shifting however as he would only watch Riku's departure. It remained a common wonder how he had managed to cross that distance within such a short period of time, specifically where the stormy weather may have been concerned. No bus or other method of transportation would able to travel at that speed.

Settling back in his chair as he listened to the door closed, he felt a frown pull at his lips as he was reminded this wasn't entirely over. If he didn't see Riku the following morning in his office, certain heads would roll and he imagined Albedo's to be one of them. He didn't much favor failure, and until he had that jackass working for him again, he didn't find he'd be content.

.. Though perhaps it would call for some abuse toward his rival. Damn brat.

Maneuvering around Albedo to get out of his chair without having to move him - it was a terrible struggle to keep from shoving him into the desk - Mello stood for a long moment before casting a glance toward the nearby window. Below, the streets of Midgar bustled without a care in the world except to escape the rain, and they none the wiser to the nightmares being created in the labs below.. A pity, that, though he imagined if he could convince Riku to speak, the chances of he learning more about such mysteries were considerably high. Hopefully.

"Who would have known you'd be so useful."
Roxas: riku's roxannahairgeljunkie on May 8th, 2007 12:06 am (UTC)
Roxas had briefly humored the thought that perhaps something had been amidst when he had returned home to find Riku absent. And while he wasn't familiar with his boyfriend's work schedule, he certainly couldn't shake the idea that perhaps something was wrong.. However banishing the thought with the reassurance that Riku was more than capable of handling himself and any associated dangers, the blonde had simply continued onward with his stay at home.

Cleaning of the upstairs had brought him to a curious discovery of a dress hidden beneath their bed, he regarding it for a long pulse as he speculated why it was there. And while his mind couldn't come up with rhyme for reason, he'd simply return it to its place and figure he'd leave that questioning for when his special someone eventually ventured home. That definitely hadn't been there when they moved in.

What worry may have remained with his love's absent was quickly swept aside at the sight of the other, Riku's company a sincere relief beyond measure. There wasn't an instant Roxas didn't appreciate to spend with him, feeling blessed with his boyfriend's presence, a gift he would never take for granted. And while there were many times he and his love may have expressed similar to each other, and no amount of conversations could calm this concern, the blonde felt calmed to know he was Riku's just as Riku was his.

He'd live through any horror twice to be granted the other's love.

The affection shared never failed to amaze Roxas how dependent he felt upon being accepted, pleased to be held in Riku's arms, listening to the beat of his heart. And as he relaxed, arms fastened around the other's person, he'd reward his love with a private smile, and then kiss him quaintly as he stumbled to convey his love. Verbal communication wasn't a strong suit but gradually, they were growing.

And he'd really have to ask him about that dress, he decided as he drifted to sleep, but it could wait until morning. For now, he didn't want to ruin this time together.
black_keyblade on May 8th, 2007 05:17 am (UTC)
When Riku awoke he spent some time trying to figure out exactly where he was.

The environment in which he found himself was entirely foreign and he only saw portions blearily as he lay there, puzzling over his surroundings as clarity slowly cleared sleep out of his mind. He registered a chill as some factor of discomfort but there was something warm near him, and where at first he may have thought blankets had merely trapped heat he instead found another settled against him.

Stunned to say the least he spent some moments puzzling out what led to such an arrangement, further baffled to find they were both without clothes. Likely it was safe to assume what had happened even if he couldn't quite recall it, or much of anything that led to him being in some foreign house next to some blond he didn't think he knew particularly well. Not that he was close to much of anyone to begin with.

But why would he have..? He didn't understand. This wasn't like him and he'd never done anything like this. Bedding some stranger wasn't anything resembling normal, watching the blonde's features for some moments before he could even think of a name.

Roxas. He knew the guy was called Roxas, and he'd been fighting with some guy he'd thought an idiot one evening. He'd ended up in the middle of that without really thinking, but he was drawing blanks between that and this. Why the hell had he? This person was some stranger he barely knew one thing about, aside a name and the fact that they worked at the same place. That was all he could recall and thinking he'd known so little about someone he'd apparently shared some activities with was nothing short of stunning.

And why the hell would this Roxas be okay with something like that? He certainly hadn't seemed a particularly outgoing soul or all that interested in people, yet there they were.

It wasn't making any sense.

Deciding that sticking around and trying to sort it out was not helping, as he continued getting distracted by the idea of what they'd done and the lack of familiarity along with it, he extricated himself from the blond and the tangle of blankets, hunting down his garments as he quickly replaced them. His face seemed only to get hotter as the idea sank in further. Why he would do something so shallow, shameful even, he didn't know. It hadn't ever been Riku's inclination to so much as touch someone, and still there he was.

He didn't understand it.
Roxashairgeljunkie on May 8th, 2007 05:55 am (UTC)
Roxas had been locked in the clutches of a dream, recalling a memory of Riku and he spent in the kitchen, at a loss for how to bake a cake. And while the recipe had turned out to be a disaster, the results an utter tragedy, it had nonetheless been an experience shared for the foundation of something loving, and thus, worth recalling from time to time.

Not that Roxas would have shied from the idea of including icing in an evening romp.

With his arms fastened around a body that warmed him emotionally and physically, the youth had cuddled into the naked figure so familiar to him, a smile perhaps gracing his lips. And while temporarily lost in this bliss, he was only vaguely aware as the person would shift from his grip, and he far from prepared to allow it it's leave.

It was early for heaven's sake, certainly Riku didn't have to go to work so soon.

Forcing himself awake despite how his mind droned with displeasure, Roxas blinked rather absently into the dark before bringing himself to sit up. He could catch the sight of Riku's silhouette bustling about, he rubbing at his eyes with a tired nature to perhaps gain a better bearing on himself; he never did enjoy mornings, and often used it as an excuse to drag his boyfriend back to bed. He definitely didn't mind the additional time they could spend simply snuggled beneath the blankets.

"Where.." Pausing however as he found his head dropping, hands having navigated to clutch a pillow, he hugged it to him with a dozing manner as he stared absently toward his love. ".. Where are you going?.. Coming back to bed?"

A glance toward the nearby clock reassured that it was indeed at an hour of digital bluriness. His eyes weren't entirely functioning, though if he hadn't mistaken, Riku had dressed.. ".. Cold? It's warm in bed."
black_keyblade on May 8th, 2007 06:43 am (UTC)
Hearing the other stir had far from deterred Riku's efforts to clothe himself, desiring nothing more than to withdraw from a foreign situation. He didn't do these things with people and he had never imagined he would, nor longed for it. He'd never trusted people and as the bodyguard for the company president he surely didn't see any reason to change that.

People were all selfish creatures anyhow and himself included. And while he did not know what had led to such an encounter with anyone he wanted to distance himself from it as soon as possible. Later he could try to sort it out, but unable to remember much of anything he doubted that he would come up with answers at present.

Why he'd done this and why Roxas had, he didn't know, but he doubted there was any good reason for it. How could there be?

Reclaiming the last of his garments he tied his shoes wordlessly, mind stumbling over itself in a foreign situation. And even though he wanted to save the thought for later he kept wondering why, why, why. There was no excuse for this, none at all. And what sort of person engaged in these things with someone they barely knew?

Stilling as he heard Roxas speak, he didn't immediately respond, troubled further that this person expected he might linger. What was the point of something like this? It shouldn't have mattered where he was going or what he elected to do, not to someone that barely knew him.

"No, I'm not cold. And I'm not coming back. I wouldn't go near you." Riku answered flatly, the practiced monotone he'd always used in his time at Shinra. And with that said he left the room, swiftly heading down the hall and stairs to get out of the place. He didn't want to be there, not with some constant reminder of what he'd done, worse that he didn't recall how or why.

But he wanted out of there.
Roxas: OHNOEShairgeljunkie on May 8th, 2007 06:50 am (UTC)
Where Riku remained silence, Roxas thought perhaps he had become playful, though the cold shoulder not often a game they would adopt. But the blonde had fast learned that while preoccupied, Riku wasn't always present to reality, frequently lost within his thoughts as he speculated, analyzed and reconsidered decisions already made. Certainly not one of his love's better qualities, but definitely one he appreciated nonetheless.

And yet as Riku encouraged this silent display, Roxas gradually eased himself toward the edge of the bed, peering at the other with a given curiosity as he considered joining him on the floor. While this would present a most cold sensation on his naked behind, it'd at least draw him nearer to the warmth he so often desired, and perhaps then he could gain the other's attention.

And if anything, a tall-tale sight of the smile he adored so.

Yet as he heard the other speak, mind gradually gaining a clarity though struggling to function just why Riku would want to drag himself out of bed so quickly, he felt himself pause for a pulse; for an instant, he wasn't entirely sure he had heard correctly, brow pinching before he realized Riku was moving. Riku was leaving.

Riku was leaving.

Filled with a panic he quickly smothered aside, Roxas was quick to follow, subconsciously pulling a blanket after him with the realization something was wrong. Very wrong. Evidently, Riku was upset, but for what reason.

"W.. Where are you going?" he managed after a choked moment, following him down the stairs despite a brief struggle with the blanket. ".. Why aren't you coming back?"

His mind didn't want to comprehend a possibility he would have otherwise thought impossible, far from wanting to stomach what he had convinced himself to be foolish; Riku was leaving. Something was wrong, and he didn't know what. ".. Did.. I do something wrong?"
black_keyblade on May 8th, 2007 07:08 am (UTC)
Though Riku had hoped to be out of the place before having to face any more conversation with the near-stranger he'd apparently slept with, it seemed that he didn't quite manage as he found the blond had followed him. He didn't understand why it should matter so much, how it should matter to anyone who did these things so casually.

True, he had, but he wasn't happy about it. The fact that he was even capable of it was nothing short of shameful and he hated the idea that he'd done it. He was downright disgusted with himself and the whole of the situation he'd managed to find himself in, turning on Roxas with narrowed eyes.

"Why the hell should it matter to you?" He growled, ever more impatient as he constantly reminded himself of the reality he was facing. It was beyond low that he'd done something like this and finding it was with someone he'd only seen a couple of times in passing was what topped it all off. Someone who may as well have been a stranger.

And why should he care? There wasn't any reason to become upset over it. Things like this didn't exactly herald some sort of relationship and he would never want one to begin with, not with someone that would so easily share such activities with people they barely knew.

There wasn't anything to be upset about, nothing that warranted being chased downstairs and he didn't appreciate the lingering reminder of what seemed to him a humiliating mistake.

On top of that one he never thought he would ever face.

"I don't have any obligation to tell you where I'm going or why. And as for what you did, feel free to take a guess." He wanted out. Riku wanted ot get away from this. He didn't know how to deal with it and he didn't want to think about how much it was unlike him, how unlikely it would have been that he would ever do something like this, and the fact that he had.

Having said enough that he hoped he wouldn't get asked anything else he was out the front door and storming down the street, if anything wishing to put distance between himself and this glaring error, this mistake he didn't even recall.
Roxas: i'm sorryhairgeljunkie on May 8th, 2007 07:19 am (UTC)
Everything was fast crashing around him, and Roxas was blind to how to escape.

Following Riku down the stairs didn't merit anything but partial frustrations as the blanket appeared destined to entwine itself with furniture. And while he wouldn't have found the idea of perhaps parading naked with the company of Riku to at least overlook the activity, somehow it seemed entirely wrong with the manner his boyfriend was behaving.

He didn't understand.

His mind wasn't wrapping around the situation.

Pausing upon the steps as Riku turned to face him, Roxas felt his features fix as he waited for the intended downfall, aware that his heart had jumped into his throat from the time he left the bedroom. He wanted nothing more than to take the other by the shoulders and perhaps shake him, knock some sense into his head, stop these ugly words he knew couldn't be true.

It didn't make any sense. Roxas couldn't recall an mannerism in the past that may have upset the other, aside from perhaps keeping his occupation a secret from him. And while he hadn't been sure if that entirely mattered, perhaps that had been it, the trust between them now spoiled with his selfishness and embarrassment. Would it have been so hard to tell him, he wondered..?

Or was it..

Holding the blanket around him as he could only watch his leave, Roxas felt a twist of indecision, wanting to start after him again but aware he couldn't travel in the snow while in this state. And yet as the door yawned at him, reflecting the darkness of Jade beyond and he listening to the stormy retreat of his boyfriend - or was it former boyfriend - he could only shake his head at the tightness in his chest.

What the hell was happening?

"Riku.. I.. Love you." Somehow, the words felt weak as he murmured them to the darkness; how could something that once made him feel so strong shatter everything of value?