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07 June 2007 @ 05:19 pm
Setting: Central Neisenma
Characters: Artemis (nololliesplease) & Kisa (shy_lolita) & anyone one who happens by?
Status: Open; In progress.
Rating: G

Artemis hadn't really done it because Masoho had appeared again. No, not at all. At least, not all about that. Kisa had seemed to really earnest in her interest in amusement parks, checking out all those books about it.. And all in all, it wasn't really a bad idea anyway. He'd get more profit faster than the black market.. especially as the competition was nil.

Though, the most important thing was probably that Kisa would love it. (He hoped.)

Convincing her to come with on the limo wasn't that hard (thankfully the windows were blacked out), though trying not to tell was a bit harder.

"We're almost there," he said taking her hand.
Sohma Kisashy_lolita on June 8th, 2007 12:32 am (UTC)
It would have been a terrible lie to deny the fact Kisa was fairly excited at the prospect of spending a day with her Niichan, having developed a fast attachment - perhaps one of greater value - since the incident with that blond hair male. And while she had felt some remorse in their parting, troubled by the fact he had seemed so terribly lonely.. She had found reassurance in Artemis' business connection with him. Perhaps through that, they would meet once more.

The invitation to ride in the limo wasn't suspicious to any extent, though the girl wasn't one to often question another's motives. And as she sat by his side, merely beaming at him in a pleasant nature, she'd nearly glow with a climbing warmth as he took her hand. Gently, she'd squeeze it, shifting in her seat as her summer dress settled around her knees.

"There?" she'd ask quietly, expressing a thought of curiosity as her expression transitioned with her given confusion; she hadn't humored the idea they were going somewhere, merely pleased to be sharing this traveling experience with him. Perhaps he had to work.. Would that mean he'd be leaving her soon?

A trouble thought, no doubt.
nololliesplease on June 8th, 2007 01:33 am (UTC)
As the expression crossed her face, Artemis could read her worry and he smiled and squeezed her hand. "Yeah, we're going somewhere.. special. Together."

"We've arrived, Master Fowl, Kisa-san," Bulter said as he opened the window to the driver's seat.

Artemis stepped out of the car, holding out his hand to her as held the door for her. "I got us exclusive tickets before the grand openning."

With a wide sweep of his hand, pointed towards to the gates of the new amusement part--his amusement park, but Kisa didn't have to know that yet. "Welcome to Wonderland," he said with a wide smile.
Sohma Kisa: little girlshy_lolita on June 8th, 2007 01:55 am (UTC)
The girl would supply the other male with a warming smile, reassured to know he didn't intend to leave her. While familiar with his work-schedule, and often supportive in his periods of absence, it never failed to sooth her worry to have him with her, to at least know he was safe...

Head canting at their announced arrival, confusion would once again claim her features as she was ushered from the vehicle, hands taking to her dress to worry into the material. And as she slowly regarded the sight presently before her, focus swimming over the entrance of the grand amusement park, she'd feel her heart take an abrupt leap into her throat.

It was-- she hadn't thought-- never did she imagine--

"Niichan?" she asked quietly, turning to face him as her confusion only remained. "Wonderland?" And yet her focus would turn back to the main gates, eyes however wide as she unable to find a point of focus; it was wonderful, and she was only able to see the ticket booth from here..

With a quiet squeal of delight did the youth find her arms fast around the other male's throat, she having thrown herself at him in an excited hug; she had read so earnestly about amusement parks but hadn't ever humored the idea to visit one. She could only imagine how expensive this was.
nololliesplease on June 8th, 2007 02:47 am (UTC)
Artemis put his arms around her waist, smiling happily. "So you like it?" He thought she wouldm really, especially how she had gone on about them... but still, there was always a bit if insecurity you had to have with females. Cockiness didn't get you anywhere.

"The grand openning is tomorrow. Today is just especially for us," He said softly into her ear. "You can say.. I have.. inside connections." He winked and laughed, taking her hand again.

"So shall we go inside?"
Sohma Kisa: uniformshy_lolita on June 8th, 2007 03:17 am (UTC)
Kisa had found the likelihood of her simply liking it to be slim to none, especially where she found she absolutely adored the idea; she had always wanted to visit an amusement park, despite how some of the rides may have frightened her.. But if Niichan was with her, she was certain she could manage, even some of the more scarier things.

With her hand secured by his, she'd peer at him almost thoughtfully, curious by this change in his behavior before she'd slowly turn back to the entrance. Then nodding slowly, she couldn't help but smile with a growing warmth, wishing to wrap her arms around him once more to perhaps physically express how happy she was.

A day with her Niichan.. In the amusement park.. She certainly couldn't have asked for more.

nololliesplease on June 8th, 2007 04:23 am (UTC)
Artemis pulled her gently forward as the gates opened just enough for them to enter. The ticketers nodded at him as he passed by. As they passed security, one of the employees handed them a map.

"Where would you like to start, Kisa?" Artemis said turning to the girl, unrolling his map. "Some rides are still under construction.. but most things should be open."

He wasn't sure really what would be fun, so he had researched which rides and attractions would be appropriate.. he never had any expriences with... well.. fun stuff. He never.. he'd been a kid.
Sohma Kisa: of my heartshy_lolita on June 11th, 2007 07:18 am (UTC)
Kisa was all eyes and ears for her surroundings, unable to determine exactly where it may have been her focus wanted remain; everything was beyond anything she could have imagined, the amusement park itself quite unlike the pictures and descriptions she had seen in the book.

Noticing the ticketers as they passed, she was quick to bow her head in greeting, hands clasped before her with a warm smile lighting her features. Perhaps later she'd have an opportunity to get to know them, gradually dropping her laced digits to rest against her lap. Then with her attention successfully deterred to the map, she gazed at it earnestly, however lifting her gaze to survey her once more in the event this were a dream.

It seemed too wonderful to be true.

"What would.. Niichan like to do first?" she asked quietly, glancing toward him with another warm smile. Then placing her hand tenderly upon his she gave it a gentle squeeze. "I want to do what Niichan wants to do."