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15 July 2007 @ 11:18 am
Surprise Surprise  
Setting: Jade; R's home.
Characters: Riku (black_keyblade) & Roxas (hairgeljunkie)
Status: In progress?~
Rating: TBB (The Birthday Boy) - presently unknown.

For perhaps the umpteenth time that evening, the blond cast the living room a skeptical look, tempted to check the lock on the door to calm his mind that he hadn't locked his boyfriend out by mistake. But with a quick reminder of his present situation, and his intentions, the idea was quickly thrown out like many others.

He mused how his love would react to a dark home, or what may have been organized to appear as much - he felt crafty with his arrangements - hoping Riku didn't become suspicious. But as the blond didn't often return before his boyfriend, he attempted to calm what curious anticipation bubbled from within, charmed by the thought he would try and make this the best birthday yet.

Though it had been very odd when he had received a call at work from Riku's employer, detailing the idea of keeping Riku a bit late to allow other plans.. Likely one of three reasons why he found himself dressed as he was; clearly Ludwig had felt to be part of the celebration and perhaps why he had taken to hiding in the kitchen until his love returned home.

But all he could do now was wait.

Note: This was originally meant to be a fic but technical difficulties prevented its completion in a timely manner; if the other idea is preferred, I can delete this thread and we can just go with a double celebration~ ♥
black_keyblade on July 17th, 2007 03:11 am (UTC)
Work wasn’t ever something that Riku enjoyed, however diligent as he strove toward a goal, that date looming quite near. The closer it got the more determined he was to have enough funds to make the day special, because after his mistake some while ago he had left Roxas uncertain as to how important he was, and Riku would never have wished for his confidence to be shaken in that way.

There was no one dearer to him and never would be, and even without that mistake he sought to express the sentiment, a goal he’d made long before whatever had happened to him when he went back to Shinra. It was a thought he reviewed often on his way home, making that trip later than was typical, which demanded he remind himself again that he was doing the work for Roxas.

As to why Edgeworth had him doing busywork that was generally left to his secretary, he didn’t know. It was a though easily set aside and since he didn’t fancy walking home in uniform when it was later and potentially colder he’d donned his regular clothing.

He was quick to get home, not wanting to fail to be there when Roxas returned from his job, having made a habit of trying to meet him at the door. Riku took a little longer than he might’ve liked to find his house key, but found he’d only locked himself out. Perhaps Roxas hadn’t remembered to lock the door on his way out, he supposed as he unlocked the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. After he set aside the bag that contained his hated uniform he looked around, interior generally not so dark as the sight that greeted him.
Roxas: contradiction in colorhairgeljunkie on July 17th, 2007 03:29 am (UTC)
Paper lanterns and flickering candlelight could only distract the blond for so long, the youth fussing with the kitchen's decorations as he checked dinner for perhaps the seventh time. It didn't escape his notice that the minute details had been organized to an excruciating degree, he however anxious to the thought he would be unable to please his love.

At the abrupt sound of the door opening, Roxas found himself stilled near the table, digits tangled with a lantern's thin lining before he quickly replaced it upon its hook. Then with a soft sigh, focus set, he gradually navigated himself to the front room to greet his boyfriend, ignoring the abrupt rise in warmth to his cheeks that he could only expect.

In an attire nothing short of questionable, the shorter male paused just within the doorway, regarding his love with a heavy silence. Garbed in pastel green lace and cotton, the garment allowed little for the imagination, perhaps a category of lingerie above all else. A thin ribbon around his throat and left thigh, the blond fidgeted, willing the courage to speak despite his given appearance. But it was a special occasion, one meant to be celebrated...

".. Welcome home," Roxas supplied at length, resisting the temptation to simply root himself to the floor and instead crossed the room to join his love. "I was starting to worry."
black_keyblade on July 17th, 2007 04:08 am (UTC)
Having wondered why the house was darkened so, Riku nearly went about the graceless task of looking for a light switch, but his attention deviated entirely when he caught sight of his boyfriend.

Blinking dumbly he wasn’t quite sure his mind was right, however only able to reaffirm that it must be Roxas upon hearing his voice. Despite that, and his approach, it was still a challenge to get his mind around it. His boyfriend hadn’t ever worn something like that and he was at a loss as to why he’d take up such a practice, unable to speculate as he found himself thoroughly distracted with the monumental task of not staring at his love… which was a monumental task.

The outfit didn’t seem to leave much to the imagination – not that he would have needed to imagine what he remembered quite vividly – Riku torn between gawking and making eye contact with his boyfriend. After a struggle he managed, hoping his focus didn’t stray too much as he regarded his love, his own face gaining some color as he struggled for a reason.

“I…I’m sorry to have worried you.” It felt even less intelligible when he lent his voice to the words, floundering for something to say rather than asking why his boyfriend was dressed like that. He didn’t wish to be rude and his wandering gaze seemed to accomplish only that. Again fixing his gaze on Roxas’s face, he shifted with minor discomfort. It was beyond difficult to keep his focus off of what the other was wearing.
Roxas: get frisky tonighthairgeljunkie on July 17th, 2007 04:21 am (UTC)
It would have been poor to have believed the outfit wouldn't merit peculiar attention, Roxas feeling heated beneath his love's focus. And as he paused at a short distance, weighing with indecision of perhaps how to react, he would simply try and meet Riku's gaze for a beat before he dare challenge himself to move forward.

Arms lifting to wrap around his boyfriend's throat, he brushed a familiar kiss across his lips, a gesture he often received upon returning home. A hand wandered in a teasing manner across the expanse of his chest, following the length of an arm before he'd neatly take his hand within his own. "You're home now.. That's all that matters."

Gradually detaching himself despite the desire to mask his attire with the comfort of holding Riku near, Roxas gently guided his love toward the kitchen, resisting the temptation to pull at the cloth in face of its less than full-coverage across his backside. "I've made dinner."

It was difficult to appear nonchalant as he'd cast his boyfriend a glance, cheeks dark with a blush. At least he hadn't appeared disgusted.. That was always a good sign.
black_keyblade on July 17th, 2007 05:19 am (UTC)
Riku simply couldn’t get over the fact that Roxas was dressed in such a way. He recalled a time when they had dressed up in skirts before, a necessity to disguise themselves present at the time… but there had been little choice in the matter. Why his boyfriend would don such apparel escaped him entirely.

And it likely did not help that he was so thoroughly distracted by what his love was wearing. No, he knew it didn’t help, but he tried not to stare every few moments as he found himself so inclined. His boyfriend didn’t deserve to be treated in such a manner, whatever the reason for his clothing choice might happen to be.

While he would have been content simply having his boyfriend near he didn’t protest as Roxas withdrew, however lacing their fingers.

Although briefly distracted by the view of Roxas’ backside, Riku was quick to follow rather than lag behind, still yet confused by the situation but unwilling to question it. Anything he may have said would likely end up graceless anyhow and he didn’t want to say anything that could be misunderstood.
Roxas: smile brightlyhairgeljunkie on July 17th, 2007 05:04 pm (UTC)
Roxas briefly humored the thought that perhaps the tint of his cheeks would fail to fade as he continued to recognize his boyfriend's centered attention, feeling a brief rise of dread as he mused a possible dislike; the attire had been questionable when selected, and the blond had rejected the garment whole-heartedly at the time... But deliberation had allowed a change in mind, his employer certain any man would appreciate such a ridiculous outfit. Perhaps he was wrong, however.

With a casual glance toward his love, Roxas guided him into the kitchen, pausing just inside the doorway for his senses to adjust. Dimly lit by the simple assistance of chinese lanterns, candlelight glowed from a table organized for two. The supplied spread circled steam above the dining delight, the youth briefly reminded of the idea that maybe it was to be a bit too much. But there was little time for regret, and swallowing his doubts, he brought his boyfriend to his intended seat before gesturing him to sit.

His focus flickered toward the nearby cakes iced in various manners, he recalling the endless debate of what his love would prefer. In the end, he had merely decided to make a fair collection, keeping the sweets rather small in size yet aware that he would likely have to enlist in the kid's help to avoid them spoiling. He highly doubt Riku would want to gorge himself on cake, after all.

With his boylove seated, the blond shifted nearer as he pressed a knee atop Riku's leg, implying the thought of straddling his lap as he loosely wrapped his arms around his throat. Then leaning into him, Roxas resisted the temptation to cast a glance southern-bound with the reassurance he was already testing the limitations of his garb. ".. I heard it was someone's birthday." Hardly graceful in approach, but he was already floundering.
black_keyblade on July 18th, 2007 06:03 am (UTC)
Constantly reminding himself not to gawk at his love, Riku would have to admit he was having increasing levels of difficulty in minding his manners. He knew better than to watch his boyfriend in such a manner, much less let his eyes drift when his attention should have been centered elsewhere. It didn’t seem to deter his vagrant attention, however, and he remained stuck in a struggle to keep his attention appropriately focused… even if he was unsure what he should regard instead.

As they entered the darkened room the pale illumination of the lanterns caught his gaze, wondering about the change in décor as he surveyed what his eyes could see, better sense of what was in the kitchen coming slowly with as his eyes adjusted. And a surprising sight at that, he unable to determine what prompted such a change and the effort that must have come with it.

It wasn’t something he had the chance to ask as Roxas prompted him to sit, and he entirely willing to do so, still divided between the distraction his love’s outfit provided and his speculation over the reasons for any of what was going on. While there was no denying that he far from disliked anything he saw, he couldn’t understand why his boyfriend went to such efforts.

Riku’s focus was effectively diverted from the table and what resided upon it as Roxas pressed near, reflexively bringing his arms loosely around his love… And nothing short of stunned by the words. He was surprised enough that he failed to mask it, unsure how it was that his boyfriend had found out what day it was, though perhaps he shouldn’t have been so stunned by it. He’d always known Roxas to be a clever person. “…So all of this…?” It was hard to believe his boyfriend may have gone to such trouble over him.
Roxas: this kisshairgeljunkie on July 18th, 2007 04:37 pm (UTC)
Roxas was having struggles of his own as he was equal victim to a wandering focus, his thoughts simple plays of memories and reminders of past interactions. The weight of Riku's arms around him became a comfort as well as a point of recall, the blond almost able to feel the warm trace of familiar lips against his--

Mentally shaking himself, he felt cautioned, all too aware of the dangers of allowing his mind to roam down particular avenues when he had little to mask himself. But he humored the idea if Riku thought similar, pleased by his singular attention, however wary that perhaps he wasn't fond of the attire.

".. Is for you," the blond finished, lifting a hand to absently play a finger across his boyfriend's lips. "Happy birthday, Riku." And as quick as he may have come to settle against him - as promising as it may have been to remain - Roxas was shifting to stand and take a chair instead, finding it best to allow his love his space. He certainly didn't want to crowd his boyfriend in the process of dinner, as much as he may have wanted to occupy his lap and it certainly a challenge to ignore the temptation.

"Hungry?" With a small gesture toward the given meal, Roxas hoped to deter his already failing train of thought, quick to realize he had ignored the necessity of plates and utensils. Moving to correct this mistake, perhaps it was a deliberate display as he collected the necessary items, occasionally supplying his boyfriend with a glance to determine if his efforts were in vain. He wanted to make this night special, one his love would always remember... Even if it meant he would have to use the garment to his advantage.
black_keyblade on July 20th, 2007 03:26 am (UTC)
The announcement came as a surprise, Riku stunned that Roxas really had gone to such trouble for him. He didn’t even know how his boyfriend knew when his birthday was, aware that he had never mentioned it in the past and wasn’t inclined to rattle off such information to anyone. Perhaps Shinra had a record, which meant in some absurd way Edgeworth probably knew (he knew an awful lot for a man in a purple suit) but he doubted that the man would have been telling his boyfriend about it.

Frankly he’d never had a birthday party, as far as he could recall. And while he knew the practice he didn’t think his was really worth celebrating. Roxas’ would have been another story, but he didn’t see the importance in his own. It hadn’t ever been something he viewed as any different from any other day; though his mind didn’t get very far on thoughts of how or why as his gaze only strayed again, the sight of his love assuredly alluring, but gawking equally rude.

“A…a bit.” Riku responded, a delayed realization that he’d been asked a question as he corrected his focus again. He needed to get a better handle on his wandering eyes, he reminded himself once more, looking instead at the food on the table. To think that Roxas did all that for him was still difficult to get his mind around. It wasn’t something he felt he deserved.

“…Thank you.” He managed after some moments of awkward silence. Even if it wasn’t an effort he felt himself worthy of, he was grateful his boyfriend had gone to such lengths for his sake. It was a reminder of how fortunate he was to have Roxas’ love.
Roxas: riku's roxannahairgeljunkie on July 20th, 2007 03:40 am (UTC)
The debate of whether or not he had gone too far in his preparations worried Roxas as he retrieved the necessary utensils, the blond hiding it well despite the fact he had his back to his love. With the intended plates in hand, and he balancing the equal necessities, he was quick to return to the other as his heart felt prepared to make an escape through his chest.

He should have known that no one would appreciate his attire, especially if Ludwig had suggested it. In the very least, he expected his boyfriend to be appalled by his selection, and he without the present knowledge of how he may correct this new mistake. Here he had hoped to make his birthday something special and already he was floundering.

Placing Riku's gently before him as he handled the task of serving his love, it was a short few moments before he settled in a chair nearby. His embarrassment felt monumental, the garment now silly in his mind, and the initial idea that perhaps he could allure his boyfriend feeling nothing short of impossible. He would have to make progress to attempt to better the evening before he failed entirely.

".. There's nothing to thank me for," he said after a long delay, realizing his focus had fallen upon the table before he brought himself to regard the other male. "It's your birthday.. It should be special."
black_keyblade on July 20th, 2007 04:05 am (UTC)
The fact that Roxas seemed distracted occurred to Riku as he found himself distracted with his boyfriend yet again, once more trying not to watch him in such an openly rude manner. There was no question he wanted his love, a rarity if not impossibility that it could somehow prove to be otherwise… But his attention was likely misplaced.

His boyfriend had gone to great lengths to make his birthday special and gawking listlessly at Roxas hardly showed a level of gratitude for the thoughtful gesture. If anything he felt he wasn’t expressing enough appreciation for his love’s efforts and it seemed that the other male felt that way as well. Lately he wondered if he could do anything right where his boyfriend was involved, between saying things that were misunderstood, and failing to show that he valued his love’s gestures.

Forcing himself to fix his attention on Roxas’ face rather than letting it stray, he gave a faint frown at the words. “You didn’t have to do anything for me… so there are things to thank you for.” Riku didn’t see how it could be otherwise when it was clear time and effort were invested in making the meal as well as decorating, and he doubted Roxas was wearing such a distracting outfit out of a desire to change his wardrobe.

“Having you is special enough.” He added, embarrassed despite it being obvious fact in his mind, and he looked to the food on his plate. Again, he was stunned that Roxas had gone so far out of his way merely because it was his birthday.
Roxas: get frisky tonighthairgeljunkie on July 20th, 2007 04:38 am (UTC)
Where worry dominated, common sense raged, attempting to make war with Roxas' concern that should have obviously been ignored.

The obvious supply of attention was curious, the blond however torn between the reasoning, though sorely hoping it was a positive reaction to his attire. And while he witnessed what struggle it may have been as Riku went to pains to avert his focus, he could only wonder if the garment was truly a bad idea... Leave it to Ludwig to select something absurd.

The abrupt change in conversation brought his gaze upon the other's face nonetheless, he watching him for a long moment before he simply shook his head. "I wanted to because I love you... You shouldn't thank me for loving you," he'd correct as he shifted his chair nearer, supplying a pointed glance toward his meal. "I would do anything for you, Riku."

Tenderly, he placed his hand upon his boyfriend's leg, continuing to observe him with a familiar nature. ".. Though I'm sorry if you don't like my outfit... I can change if you prefer." The very last thing he'd want to do is make his love uncomfortable with his silly ideas. He'd have to make a point to tell Ludwig it wasn't the best choice to dress in such a manner.
black_keyblade on July 20th, 2007 06:57 am (UTC)
It was always warming to know that Roxas would do anything for him; he was certain he wouldn’t hesitate to do anything if it assured that his boyfriend was safe and happy as well. He hadn’t doubted as much was mutual but hearing it was something that he valued regardless of knowing it was the case. Perhaps it was because he enjoyed his voice along with everything else about him.

“…You’ve thanked me for it before.” Riku pointed out, aware he told Roxas the exact same thing but he’d thanked him anyhow. And he felt that between them he was the one that should have been thankful. His boyfriend deserved someone much better than him, though he would strive to be somehow worthy of such a wonderful person, however he could manage.

Though as the subject jumped so did his focus, landing right on the outfit and just how little it covered, despite his best efforts not to stare in an unintelligent manner. Not that there was some intelligent form of staring.

“W…why wouldn’t I?” It was more of a struggle to express himself properly than Riku thought it would be, and he already knew that was a daunting task. He lifted a hand to rest against Roxas’ cheek, embarrassed as he found he’d have to admit a fault. “I’ve only been staring since I got home…”
Roxas: riku's roxannahairgeljunkie on July 20th, 2007 07:19 am (UTC)
Where Riku may have felt it necessary to voice his appreciation, Roxas certainly thought otherwise; he recognized the periods in the past where he may have thanked his boyfriend, he however under the belief his love deserved someone far better than himself. It was to that extent he would wish for him to realize how absolutely thankful he truly was, even if it made him a hypocrite with his remarks... But Riku was always better than he could ever hope to be, there wasn't any denying that.

Blinking at his love's remark, Roxas supplied himself a brief glance as though he may have missed a vital detail. He was unable to see the appeal of his person in such an attire, especially where it exposed an unnecessary amount of flesh.. But he had already expressed a dislike for himself and the scars that littered his torso.

Nonetheless warmed by his hand upon his cheek, Roxas slowly lifted his own to press over Riku's, watching him for another period before he'd shift forward. It was an immense comfort to realize his assumed mistake wasn't as terrible as he may have believed, soothed by the idea that he had garnered some attention. "Well... Not exactly since you got home.. But close enough."

Tentative to place a hand upon his shoulder, Roxas pressed a heated kiss to his lips, resisting the invitation to take to his lap as he'd abruptly pulled away. Already he could feel the results of a simple brush as he felt a growing tension in his lower stomach, he shifting back to his seat as he regarded the spread. ".. We better eat before it gets cold."
black_keyblade on July 21st, 2007 06:56 am (UTC)
Riku would have been content to kiss his boyfriend, impressed by the level of thought that had been put toward doing something for him, and only hoping he could make Roxas equally happy on such occasions. One was coming up quite soon in fact, and he was still trying to be certain they would have more than enough funds. And he hoped he was fortunate enough to have selected something that his love would really enjoy, unused to doing such things for anyone, much less wanting to.

He’d find out soon enough, he knew, disappointed when Roxas withdrew but aware it would have been rude to ignore the meal he’d taken the time to prepare. And considering the fact that his boyfriend had went so far as to make his favorite, he hardly wanted to display any lack of appreciation for the gesture.

Turning his attention back to the table then, he glanced over the spread once more and wondered just how long his boyfriend had spent on everything, just for him. He hardly thought such attention was deserved, not when he hadn’t done anything worthy of such kindness, even if it meant that he really was something special to his love.

Shaking off the immediate thought that came after, he picked up a fork and tried some of the food Roxas had put on his plate. He was surprised his boyfriend had done so well with something he’d likely never made, unsure whether to remark about it or not. Perhaps it was to be a given that the food was good, knowing that Roxas wouldn’t have settled for less in anything he did.
Roxas: the lime lighthairgeljunkie on July 21st, 2007 07:22 am (UTC)
The meal was one of many things Roxas realized he had worried over, the blond's focus heavy upon his love's features. And as he watched him closely, observing the slightest change to indicate a dislike, he fell into a familiar hush, attending to his own plate occasionally though his nerves robbing him of his appetite.

He had spent countless periods practicing for this evening come the shared knowledge, having gone so far to use an aged kitchen at the shop. And while the results in the past had been nothing short of fatal, he had certainly seen a progression in his work... But that didn't necessarily mean it was to the liking of his love. He wanted this to be perfect, the best he could ever expect...

"How do you like it?" he'd gradually venture after a short period, picking in a near restless manner at his plate. He wanted to warn Riku to keep room for dessert, but didn't want to draw attention to his explosion of sweets upon the nearby counter just yet. What was important now was the main course, the cakes could come later.

Though that in itself had been an equal challenge.
black_keyblade on July 22nd, 2007 07:09 am (UTC)
Riku tried not to let his thoughts stray too far from the meal Roxas had made for him, attention focused on it rather than staring at his boyfriend. He didn’t know whether the staring had prompted his earlier question, if he’d managed to rouse some concern in that manner, though he hoped it wasn’t the case. There was little he could wear that he wouldn’t look attractive in, being beyond alluring in general.

It’d be rude to stare, he knew that, and he did enjoy the meal the other had made for him. He didn’t doubt that he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything close were he to put in his best efforts, and it was nothing short of impressive that Roxas had done that. And the recurring knowledge that it had all been for him hadn’t escaped his thoughts.

He didn’t deserve so much.

Looking up when Roxas asked him a question he paused, using a napkin to be sure that his face was clean. He wouldn’t address his boyfriend while a total mess. It would be beyond rude of him. That done he set it back down and offered his boyfriend a smile. “Best I’ve ever had actually.”
Roxas: serene smilehairgeljunkie on July 22nd, 2007 07:45 pm (UTC)
The blond's reflex for appetite seemed to have made a timely vacation, he instead feeling a hint short of ill as he could only wait. His knowledge concerning the preparation of food in general had been dismal, and had he been without the prior warning to his love's approaching birthday, he imagined dinner would have been a terrific disaster.

Tasting after countless tasting, he had worked at the perfect meal, often frustrated with himself but hardly wanting to find a second opinion - what use was it to poison another when he was a fine specimen for that? Yet nothing could quite compare to the actual event.

And as he continued to watch Riku as he waited for a response, he felt the delay to be a bad sign, his imagination perhaps getting the best of him. Then hardly reassured by the smile - but reminded of how lovely his boyfriend looked when he did - he would still for an instant as he felt himself... Surprised. Relieved.

Appearing nothing short of delighted, his entire expression bright with this private comfort, a broad smile would grace his lips as he nearly beamed. "Really?" he'd reinforce, however free of former doubt; he didn't believe Riku would lie to him, after all.
black_keyblade on July 23rd, 2007 05:47 am (UTC)
To Riku it seemed nothing short of obvious that the meal was delicious, and it seemed strange to him that Roxas would be surprised. Aware of the perfectionism his boyfriend could apply to most anything he supposed that it couldn’t be helped that he was going to worry about how well he had done.

He didn’t think he deserved so much effort from his love, no matter how he looked at it. But then he didn’t think he deserved Roxas at all, so it was something he tried not to think about. He’d simply do his best to make himself an individual that would be deserving of the love of such a good person.

The way Roxas’ face lit up came as a surprise, wondering if his boyfriend really hadn’t been at all confident about the meal he had made, but no less pleased to see that knowing the fact had brought on such a lovely smile. Riku was glad to see the expression whenever he got the chance, and despite any frequency he always appreciated it.

“Of course.” He said in answer, smile remaining on his features even if it wasn’t at all comparable to the one on Roxas’ face. “I don’t think anyone could have done better.” It was an honest assessment as far as he was concerned.
Roxas: squeeful luffhairgeljunkie on July 23rd, 2007 05:59 am (UTC)
The expression seemed frozen upon his features, Roxas aware of an immense weight that appeared to have been lifted from his shoulders. The genuine idea that Riku had honestly enjoyed the meal was beyond gratifying, his former concern present but hardly as overwhelming as it may have been some instances prior.

Apparently growing flustered as his lack of composure remained, his own smile reinforced at the sight of his boyfriend's, Roxas attempted to mask his heated cheeks as he collected the dirtied dishes. He briefly mused the dangers of leaving the food unattended as he deposited the dishes in the sink, all too aware of their room-mate's digestive habits... Or the fact he could empty the cupboards if not supervised. But if his boyfriend had enjoyed his fill, he didn't see what harm may exist, certain Riku wouldn't wan to venture the same meal twice.

Blush ever present, he returned to the table where he retrieved his boyfriend, pulling the male to his feet before he'd guide him to the nearby counter. A small collection of cakes sat arranged upon the surface, iced in various styles though only one decorated with the appropriate amount of candles.

"I.. I didn't know what kind you liked," he explained as he regarded the baked army, gradually lifting his attention to his boylove as he squeezed his hand. "But you still have to make a birthday wish. We can have cake later."
black_keyblade on July 26th, 2007 06:38 am (UTC)
When Roxas tugged him from his seat, Riku complied readily, unsure what else there might be to show him. He was still trying to get over the fact that his boyfriend had decorated and gone to the trouble of making his favorite meal, and to have done it so well where he doubted he could have managed a fraction of that success…

His thoughts were however diverted as he beheld the number of cakes on the counter, nothing short of stunned by the variety present, and he had to wonder just how much time had been devoted to making those as well. Roxas had already done more than he could have asked for and yet there stood a small army of varied cakes simply because his boylove wasn’t sure what kind he would prefer. He’d never been all that picky about such things, and would have said any of them looked good to him were it not for the comment about making a wish.

There wasn’t anything more that he could have asked for, in his mind. To have the love of someone so thoughtful, so singularly wonderful was more than he could have ever wished. And he couldn’t have begun to express just how happy he was to have Roxas as his boyfriend.

But…he could think of something he wanted for his boyfriend, blowing out the candles and watching the tendrils of smoke rise before turning his attention to the other. “…I made one.”
Roxas: get frisky tonighthairgeljunkie on July 26th, 2007 07:07 am (UTC)
The temptation to ask what Riku had wished for was almost immediate, Roxas however smothering it aside as he merely watched the smoke. He doubted what his love desired was within his power to grant, a very depressing fact indeed, he however striving to aim for the next best thing. His number one priority was to ensure his boyfriend's happiness.. Even if he had to go to embarrassing lengths.

Shifting to move nearer, the blond lifted his arms to wrap around the other's throat, pressing his weight against his person as he peered up at him. Then adjusting himself as though he intended to kiss him, he paused instead as he merely curled a tendril of hair around his finger from the back of his love's head.

"Want a piece?" he asked quietly, focus drifting to regard Riku's eyes. "Of cake... I mean."

It was almost agonizing that he would once again force himself from continuing to touch his boyfriend, easily attracted to the natural need to hold him or be held. But given his present attire, such adventures were dangerous.. Plus he didn't wish to invade in Riku's space, especially if it wasn't desired.
black_keyblade on July 27th, 2007 05:58 am (UTC)
Minding himself around Roxas was difficult enough on a general basis, but when he was dressed in such a distracting outfit and so close, it was that much more difficult. It didn’t help that Riku steadily admired his boyfriend more as time passed, appreciating the things the other had done merely because it was his birthday. He couldn’t have loved or wanted Roxas more if he tried, and it was nearly maddening.

Of course it didn’t come as much surprise to him when his arms came around his boylove’s waist and he kissed him, likely an abrupt gesture but one he’d been fighting off for quite a while. It was impossible not to do something, unable to express how happy Roxas made him so often.

He doubted there were proper words to say how he felt. At least, he wasn’t able to come up with those words. There were plenty of things he could think of but none of them sounded right in his mind, none of them quite captured what he wanted to express. A given perhaps when he wasn’t good with words.

Hopefully his actions were enough to say what he wished to say.
Roxas: serene smilehairgeljunkie on July 27th, 2007 06:38 am (UTC)
Perhaps to some extent, Roxas' teasing nature toward his boyfriend was hardly ever one-sided; while he was entertained by the moments he may please his boyfriend, it was during this time that the blond often found himself equally tempted, tormented by his own restriction. It was a challenge, hence, to keep himself from venturing further, his fingertips remaining locked in his love's hair as he'd simply regard his features.

For a beat, when a response failed to come, he feared that Riku wasn't pleased by the selection, his heart hitting the pit of his stomach as he thought of how he may correct the situation. There wouldn't be any time to bake another cake, but he should have known better than to blindly guess...

Yet such worries were quickly swept aside as Riku kissed him, Roxas easily persuaded to return the affection as his arms came tightly around his throat. Leaning into him, he kissed him in earnest, again compelled by a simple attraction toward his love to long to touch and hold him.

But it was his boyfriend's birthday; today, they were meant to do what Riku wanted.
black_keyblade on July 28th, 2007 04:09 am (UTC)
It was a relief to Riku that he hadn’t done something he shouldn’t have, or something that bothered Roxas. He’d tried to mind his boyfriend’s space, not wanting to ruin something he’d clearly put a lot of thought and effort into, but in the end he couldn’t help how much he wanted to do something. Only during times when he felt some restraint or need for it did he realize how much he was used to freely doing.

He’d had a hard time not kissing his boyfriend, even for that brief period, as much as he didn’t like admitting any form of weakness. It was long ago established in his mind that there wasn’t anything that would make him enjoy his boyfriend’s company less, save whatever had warped his mind and he would make it a point to avoid that in the future.

Holding Roxas close, he enjoyed the warmth of having him near, though he had to wonder if that outfit did anything about the cold conditions of Jade. Riku didn’t like the thought that his boyfriend was likely cold and because of him, it was probably the case. He’d do something about that, one way or another.

Without much thought he lifted his boyfriend from the floor, aiming to set him on a counter but nearly seating Roxas on a cake instead. Catching that detail before making what would have been an uncomfortable mistake he shifted to some vacant counter space and set the other there instead, parting for breath. “Sorry…” He’d almost ruined something Roxas had taken the time to make.