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Let's pick up the pieces

{ and put them together again }

Neisenma - Where it all began
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Welcome to N e i s e n m a C i t y.

Are you ready?
{ A multi-fandom LJ-based roleplay }

{ S T O R Y L I N E }


A metropolis of the most exceptional dreamers. It has no limitations, no borders, and yet there is a lack of evident records stating of any reaching its minimal expanses. Vast and endless to the naked eye, there has never been question to where Neisenma City begins... And where it ends.

The occupants are, in themselves, questionable enough.

Without any recollection of their being, citizens of Neisenma first "begin" and may "end" in the borough's streets and alleys. Though none are born within the world, it is all agreed that all remember arriving in Neisenma; as to why, or how, it is not questioned. Such inquiries are unheard of, and those who poise a threat are quickly silenced by an unknown force. Thus, for the safety of one's own life, the individuals who live within the land of Neisenma mutter nothing of their previous where-abouts.

Nor is anything mentioned of one dying as there is a similar deficiency in accounts of such occurring.

As Neisenma is an agreed port, it is divided into a number of districts, the territory depending upon the land: Home, Midgar, Rukongai, Jade and Dierentuin. Varying upon population, each district holds its own advantages and disadvantages, each inhabited with a wide variety of characters. Surrounded by these five zones, Neisenma resides within the very center, the core of its activity.

Welcome to the world of Neisenma.
But protect yourself. Not everything is as it seems.

{ D I S T R I C T S }

Home, though an included locality, is surrounded by a capacious desert, its regions colossal and difficult to navigate. Here reside those of technology, second to Neisenma in concerns of science. Homing those who desire an escape from society, the many residents of Home are generally considered outcasts, though are equally welcomed in the main city. It resides directly north, and into the western and eastern portions of Neisenma.

Midgar, unlike Home, is an area of slums that is composed of three levels. The lower level, the most primal of the trio, has accumulated the greater portion of its natives, though some of the top levels do tend to wander to this area. The second level, much less populated than the third, holds a middle class, not entirely well off, but definitely surviving at a stronger rate. The top level, far more wealthy than the previous two, isn't seen to carry many. As far as it is concerned, it has been abandoned by the general public. It resides and stretches from the northwest to the west of Neisenma.

Rukongai is divided into three hundred and twenty areas (eighty in North Rukongai, eighty in West Rukongai, etc.), each numbered in descending order on how far they are from the center; this results in the higher-numerated (and farther) districts decaying into slums. Thus, while District 1 is peaceful and lawful (and in many cases resembles the antiseptic lifestyle of early-Edo era Kyoto), District 80 is a hardscrabble, violent, crime-infested area that more depictsHeian era Kyoto. There is no indication that acts of patrolling agencies roam the streets of rukongai, and as a result, the citizenry are mainly responsible for their day-to-day welfare. It resides and stretches from the northeast to the east of Neisenma.

Jade is by far the most collected district of the five. Calm, soothing and welcoming to all visitors, it is permanently wrapped in a blanket of snow, its lands tender to the cold brush of winter. Without proper technology, the residents here reside in minimal communication, traveling by any means possible from one end of the town to the other in order to deliver and receive news. Those located here tend to be of an older era. It resides directly southwest of Neisenma.

Dierentuin is, for the most part, composed of the wealthy, and the surfs, who perform as the former's servants. The general structure consist of castles and such architecture of elegance, only limited by own's capital. Lush batony blankets acres of the countryside and the residential intricate gardens (privately owned, of course). Animals and other strange fiends are known to roam the land freely, though their immediate resource unknown. Underground, however, resides multiple labotories, but what horrid happenings occur below these depths are unknown. It resides directly southeast of Neisenma.

Center Neisenma is the metropolis center; Though the entire land is known as 'Neisenma' with the included five regions, the very center of the locality is the true hum and buzz of Neisenma life. A controlling power and technologically advanced far beyond that of Home, many residents come to center Neisenma to use the bulletin, shop, and find new occupations for themselves.

{ A P P L I C A T I O N }

Read the rules?
Checked to see if they were reserved or already taken? Cool!

Post it here and you're good to go.

{ C O M M U N I T I E S & N P C S }

neisenma: You're looking at it. This is the main roleplay community for the game, and all roleplaying activity is expected to be posted and constructed here. AIM/MSN/Yahoo logs are also available to post here for other member viewing purposes.

neis_info: This community contains all the necessary information that one needs to know when applying for a particular character. Members are suggested to add this community to their character's journal as a friend, though are encouraged NOT to attempt to join it. Posting rights are limited to only a few individuals.

neis_ooc: An area where all members may post OOC gossip. A place for communicating outside of the roleplay, where crack may induce, and other like incidents. When asking a question about a certain character, though it is out of character, it is to be posted here.

n_bulletin: Location for characters to make requests. This could include odd jobs, company, inquiries, personal ads, the like. Simply make sure it is IC, and expect a response! Responses may come in the form of a comment, then are encouraged to be carried into a roleplay if corresponding members are wishing to interact.

neis_timeline: Plain and simple. This simply lists when a character had arrived (including in the past). Also encouraged to be friended, but do not attempt to join.

neis_mods: This community is limited to only the mods, and may only be viewed by the moderators of Neisenmas. Ideas, plot points and twists are discussed here. :D Pity members can't visit.

neis_boss: This account will carry entries concerning the instructions and announcements for the groups in Neisenma, such as Shinra, XIII and any registered Anti-establishments. Check here regularly and friend this user.

magimels: One of a few NPCs that help organize the events in Neisenma. Though they are looked upon with ridicule, they are quite helpful... Despite being quite homosexual.

{ M I S C E L L A N E O U S L I N K S }

F.A.Q.: Questions that have been asked by previous members.

Rules: Basic clock-work of the community. Read them! Follow them!

Taken Characters: A chart of the taken characters of Neisenma.

Reserving and Dropping Characters: What characters are currently reserved by applying members, and for those who wish to drop.

Application Concerns and Post-Application: A list of concerns that may help members be accepted. We suggest you read these~

Application: Applications are expected to be completed and commented to the listed entry.

Post Methods: This should definitely be reviewed by all members to avoid later confusion.

Character Events: The thread where characters may make event suggestions.

District Occupants: A directory of where each character lives. May change accordingly.

Character Hiatus and Removal: Information concerning members who become inactive, and what happens to their characters.

Organizations and Assocations: How a member may establish a new organization such as Shinra or XIII.

Battles and Fighting: The expected regulations to be used when two or more members have a violent conflict.

Friends Add & Remove: A convenient list for members to use when updating their character's friend list.

Mun List: A list of all the members in Neisenma, as well as who they write for.

Time Zone Chart: Allows members to know who is in which time zone.

{ M O D E R A T O R S }

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