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03 August 2007 @ 09:14 pm
Setting: Midgar | Shiki's apartment.
Characters: Inu [best_pet_ever] & Shiki [mr_blackbird].
Status: In Progress.
Rating: Mature.

I whisper countless illusions into your ear; ``I'm going to short your circuits and fix you``Collapse )
29 July 2007 @ 08:05 pm
Setting: Jade; R's home (at least to start off)
Characters: Riku black_keyblade and Roxas hairgeljunkie
Status: In progress
Rating: TBA

What do I say…Collapse )
15 July 2007 @ 11:18 am
Setting: Jade; R's home.
Characters: Riku (black_keyblade) & Roxas (hairgeljunkie)
Status: In progress?~
Rating: TBB (The Birthday Boy) - presently unknown.

A party's going down in Jade..Collapse )

Note: This was originally meant to be a fic but technical difficulties prevented its completion in a timely manner; if the other idea is preferred, I can delete this thread and we can just go with a double celebration~ ♥
20 June 2007 @ 12:21 pm
Setting: Central Neisenma; Park
Characters: Flonne (guardian_flonne), Ryoma (juniorsamurai), Artemis (nololliesplease), Kaito (mahou_kaito), Laharl (ew_breasts), Anya (romanov_hime), and anyone else who wants to join in! Flonne's too nice to turn anyone's request to play down. XD;
Status: Open; In progress.
Rating: Hmm~ Let's say PG-13! :D

Today, we're going to play a game --no, it has nothing much to do with Ethics; it's just for fun!-- called paintball! Have you all heard of it? Well, I'm sure you have!Collapse )

[[OOC Note: FEEL FREE TO BREAK THE RULES. 8D 'Cause, like Kao-chan said, rules will so totally be thrown out in the middle of all this. XDDD]]
19 June 2007 @ 06:16 pm
Settting: Axel's home
Characters: Axel and Sora
Status: In progress
Rating: TBA
Time: Backdated to after the thingy with the mirrors

As Sora and Axel reappeared the taller redhead refused to release the brunette from the tight hug. The black coated man smelled strongly like soot and blood and he was softly crying. He'd lost Roxas, lost his life. What more could he lose and still manage to exist this way? No, he couldn't lose Sora. That's all he had now, all he wanted.
09 June 2007 @ 03:12 am
Setting: Jade; R's home.
Characters: Riku (black_keyblade) & Roxas (hairgeljunkie)
Status: Completed
Rating: XYZ. It's the R's. What do you expect?

You don't love me anymore.Collapse )

Note: Log to take place a few days following the Argentine event; back-dated.
07 June 2007 @ 05:19 pm
Setting: Central Neisenma
Characters: Artemis (nololliesplease) & Kisa (shy_lolita) & anyone one who happens by?
Status: Open; In progress.
Rating: G

through the looking glass...Collapse )
08 May 2007 @ 06:03 pm
Setting: Bikanel Desert; Argentine's Home.
Characters: All save a select few

In the dark of the night and in the brightest daylight, a certain few had been stolen from their rightful places. They were not taken by mysterious reaper of this world, but by another..

Their prison was high above, held in blue skies.. a pristine castle of ruin looming among the clouds. Inside, however, resides the finest wealth to grace the halls of the grandest mansions. Its "prisoners" are at given luxuries with rooms furnished with riches of the well-to-do.These rooms lined the walls endlessly.. Forever and into oblivion they go. Where staircases may reside at a time, a crumbling step may come another, the timeless trek to the stories above without exit to those below.

For those trapped within are welcome to the company of others locked within these walls, waiting for the rescue of fair prince to princess, robbed of the love to only find it tested.

"You have lost something precious." A note reads, pin to the walls of homes and quarters invaded within a pulse of time. "Will you give your life for their return?"

A naked invitation to bring those bound aside from the realm of desert sands, heat raping the life of any who wander into its fatal embrace. To signify agreement would bring one within these castle walls, however separated from those they may wish to lay eyes upon once more. Empty corridors of reflected proportion stretch to dead end and sitting hall alike, entirely symmetrical to those traveled through before. And lining these fair walls of evident expense are countless mirrors bearing the passive image of a world that lay at their feet, occasionally peaking into the darkness of their hearts.

For it is here that memories lost to them may be regained, come for a moment and gone a second after, a fleeting image within one's mind as they search for who it is they have lost. It is a test of faith and trust where one is to meet their greatest fears.

And to fight their dearest enemy.
06 May 2007 @ 12:46 am
Setting: Axel's Love Shack Place
Characters: Axel, Kil & Ul, and Sora
Status: Open
Rating: R

The new living quarters the cats were given were certainly nice. Better than their original home back in Central, and this time, there weren't any holes in the roof, or windows that needed to be repaired, no. Now, they lived in something that was closely resembling a condo--not that they were complaining of course, what with the fridge always being stocked with fresh food to eat, and their own room. Of course, while they did have that room, that never stopped them from going in and crashing with Axel for a while.

Today, however, Kil and Ul had made themselves scarce, traveling about the new city in search for a street corner to start kicking up performaces on. Of course this only lasted for a short time, as all the people that dropped coins and dollars into their bin were just throwing money in wishes that they would stop. In all, they made enough money for a week's worth of buying dinner for themselves and their. . "adopted parents."

Soon, the silence within Axel's home was shattered as the silver and organe duo burst through the door, announcing their return home.

"We're hoooommee!" Kil sang out, removing his boots, along with Ul's.

Being hasty, the other hurried and wriggled out of his white shoes. "And we made money~!" he seemed to parade about with the bin, cradelling it within his arms before sneaking off to the bed room to hide it.
01 May 2007 @ 07:04 pm
Setting: Midgar, Jade, Your Mom.
Characters: Riku (black_keyblade), Albedo (sweetvice), Mello (not_mellow) & Roxas (hairgeljunkie)
Status: In progress~

Mello just doesn't know how to play nice.Collapse )