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29 July 2007 @ 08:05 pm
Setting: Jade; R's home (at least to start off)
Characters: Riku black_keyblade and Roxas hairgeljunkie
Status: In progress
Rating: TBA

Over a year. It was difficult for Riku to look at it as being so long since he’d first met Roxas, feeling like such a fleeting period of time had passed since that day. Calendars however proved it had been so many months, and for that day he had wanted to do something special for his boyfriend, though it had taken him longer than he would have first thought to save up the funds necessary for it.

He wondered if it was absurd to be anxious. While aware that married couples celebrated the anniversary of their wedding, he didn’t know whether it was normal to celebrate having met someone that had become so dear to them. Perhaps it was strange that he’d wanted to do something, but the only opinion that would matter to him was Roxas’.

As was typical Riku got home first, anxious as he waited for his boyfriend to come home. He’d spent months planning, deliberating, saving… But he still had no idea what he was supposed to say. And so he ended up pacing around the house, restless as he tried to think of the best words he might string together, how he might present what may have been a uniquely absurd idea but one he’d pursued nonetheless.

No matter how he thought about it, words only seemed to be harder to find.

After nearly an hour of that he gave up and flopped on the couch, watching the ceiling while he debated with himself still more. Roxas had become the center of his life, anything and everything he’d never known he had wanted - maybe needed – his one and only love. But he couldn’t think of what he could say, nothing was good enough.

Riku only wanted to do something to show Roxas how important he was, how fortunate he felt to have met him. If they never had, he’d have never been so happy. But that had to sound stupid and he didn’t want to sound like an idiot around his boyfriend, especially. “What do I say…” He muttered.
Roxas: contradiction in colorhairgeljunkie on July 30th, 2007 03:38 am (UTC)
It had been destined to be a long day; between stocking the new variety of lubrication that had arrived, and handling the all too aroused customers of the boutique, Roxas had felt certain such a nightmare would never escape him.

Not to say he entirely minded working for Ludwig. It was his only present source of income, the only money he could fall back upon in periods where he may spoil his boyfriend - such as for his birthday, or perhaps a date. It was a dirty business... But one he would swallow nonetheless.

Riku was everything, and certainly a few ugly words here and there from disgruntled old men wouldn't do him any harm.

But it would have been a lie to say he was nothing short of relieved as he made the journey home, pulling the jacket his love had given to him closer to his figure. Hands tucked into the pockets, he thought of seeing his boyfriend, surrounded by the warmth of his person and the irresistible allure of his company. He couldn't understand how he had once been so blind to the wonderful and amazing individual he had lived with.. And he could only wish he had discovered it sooner.

As luck would have it, Roxas was knocking the snow from his shoes as Riku spoke aloud, he thoughtfully hanging up his coat after the removal of the mentioned footwear, then he bee-lining to the couch where he promptly leaned upon the supplied structure. "What do you say about what?" he inquired with a cant of his head, focus drifting to regard the lounged position of his love.

.. Though he was curious as to why he was staring at the ceiling. A point he'd perhaps investigate once he knew the mystery of why Riku was speaking to himself.
black_keyblade on July 30th, 2007 05:59 am (UTC)
Riku was starting to feel as though it’d take him all day to think of how to bring up his thoughts, uncertain what Roxas would think of them and concerned with that alone. First and foremost came his boyfriend’s opinion and he really wanted to do something that would make him happy.

While he wasn’t sure if what he’d selected was the best he did hope it was something his boylove would like.

Surprised that his boyfriend had come home while he was in the middle of his thoughts, he snapped out of his mental debate with a start. He sat up immediately, looking at a clock and surprised that he’d spent as much time as he had simply arguing with himself. He’d failed to pay attention to the hour and that wasn’t something he was at all happy about, given he’d broken what had become an established routine, and one he had planned to continue.

Looking back to Roxas, he offered an apologetic smile, even if smiles always felt a little off to him. “Sorry… I lost track of the time.” It wasn’t any excuse for failing to greet his boyfriend at the door as he had been since coming back home, but there was little else he could offer in explanation.

“I just… was thinking about something…” Riku tried to ignore the question of what he was trying to say, still unsure how to convey it to his boylove. He’d wanted to say something that didn’t make him seem like an idiot but he couldn’t think of anything that didn’t seem stupid to him. And it wasn’t as though he had any experience to fall back on, so there was little that could help his situation.
Roxas: riku's roxannahairgeljunkie on July 30th, 2007 06:10 am (UTC)
Nearly tempted to investigate the ceiling himself, the blond couldn't resist his amusement as he watched Riku start with surprise. And while worried, he did wonder what had dragged his love into his thoughts so deeply that he hadn't appeared to notice his arrival home.

.. Not that coming home was a monumental importance.

Simply continuing to regard his boyfriend as delight swelled at the sight of his smile, Roxas felt his own reflected as he remained against the couch. Nonchalantly folding his arms, he adjusted himself more comfortably, allowing Riku to collect himself in what could have been a state of.. Confusion? Distress? Prior concern was beginning to mount as Roxas allowed his mind to wander.

"You didn't have to get up," he said after a beat, finding that his boyfriend must have been comfortable to have stared so vacantly into space. He knew his boylove was one to fret over details and complications, but it wasn't like him to be a space cadet. Yet he didn't want to pry.. ".. How was your day?"
black_keyblade on July 30th, 2007 06:34 am (UTC)
“My day was…alright. Pretty uneventful.” Aside from wracking his brain trying to come up with something, at least. Riku was sure he’d have quite a while of debate ahead of him but he hadn’t the time for it. Poor planning on his part, perhaps, having expected to know what he should say to his boyfriend without going through so much internal dispute.

Where sitting up was concerned, Riku wouldn’t have felt right without at least sitting up. He should have been at the door to greet Roxas instead, knowing when the other generally got home and having made it a point to welcome him upon his return. Up to this point he’d been quite consistent, but the fact that he hadn’t even checked the clock was less than pleasing.

Seating himself to face Roxas properly, he pressed a kiss to Roxas’ cheek. “Belated, but welcome home, Roxas.” He paused a moment, arguing with himself again but not quite ready to try saying it. Half the time he said something that his boyfriend misunderstood and he didn’t want to cause that kind of worry again.

The last thing he wanted to do was worry his love. “How was your day?”
Roxas: the lime lighthairgeljunkie on July 30th, 2007 06:59 am (UTC)
Work wasn't often a subject discussed at home, Roxas aware of his own secrets when it came to his occupation. And while it certainly crossed his mind to perhaps inquire what it was that his boyfriend actually did while slaving away the hours of their precious time... He didn't want to violate his love's privacy. If it wasn't meant to be shared, he could understand.

Warmed by the kiss upon his cheek, Roxas took a moment to walk around the couch before he seated himself near Riku, taking an instant to regard him lovingly. "Better late than never," he replied, equally familiar with his boyfriend's habit of waiting near the door. It was certainly a welcomed change, one the blond had grown fond of, but he wouldn't become cross because Riku had been distracted by personal matters.

Who was he to govern what his boylove thought?

".. Uneventful, too. Nothing much happened," he replied, mind however recalling the slip of a hand across his backside, and the broom handle that would have snapped all too nicely over the offensive man's head. Fortunately, Ludwig had been present to handle the blossoming conflict. "Nice to be home, though."
black_keyblade on August 1st, 2007 06:28 am (UTC)
“Yeah…” It didn’t help that as moments passed Riku still wasn’t sure what he should say or do. He had to communicate it at some point but he was failing to come up with anything aside being utterly blunt and that hardly sounded worthy of an anniversary. Yet while he wanted it to be special he couldn’t think of words to match up to that expectation, mind drifting as he tried to come up with something proper to say.

Of course the more he thought about it the less he could come up with, and he only sighed in resignation. There wasn’t any way he’d come up with just the right way of conveying what he had wanted to. Hopefully the sentiment would be clear to his boyfriend at least; he wanted him to be happy more than anything else.

Even if he felt he should try harder to make that so.

“I’ve been…trying to figure out how to tell you something.” Riku admitted at last, feeling dumber as seconds passed because he wasn’t creative enough to pull off something romantic. He was just too tactless, he supposed. While he hated that fixating on it only seemed to make things worse for him, if anything came of it at all.
Roxas: no waihairgeljunkie on August 1st, 2007 07:17 am (UTC)
Roxas mind traversed down the avenue of the incident at work, presently distracted as he considered one of many times of expressing his conflicts with the customers; but it was a dangerous topic, one that traveled into territory yet explored, and certainly not an abrupt subject he wanted to bring into light now.. Later.. Maybe later.

And while his mind rolled through such details through the silence provided by his love, he found himself immediately at attention, perplexed by his boyfriend's announcement. Confused, the blond managed to compose himself as he turned his focus once more to his boylove, regarding him for a thick instant as he felt concern begin to mount.

He knew better than to jump to conclusions, aware of Riku's habit and his struggles when it came to expressing himself - an obstacle Roxas often faced. But it wasn't often he was so blatant about something escaping him...

".. What is it?" he asked, ignoring the mild increase of his impulse as he forced himself not to worry; this wasn't going to be another incident, not like the one before... Yet it wasn't often that Roxas found his boyfriend lounged upon the couch, staring vacantly into space, either. ".. Can I help?"
black_keyblade on August 2nd, 2007 07:06 am (UTC)
Somehow it was more embarrassing that he’d managed to bring up some concern in his boyfriend, quite used to his love showing worry on his behalf but never pleased to have caused it. He didn’t want Roxas to think that something was wrong and he didn’t want to prompt any form of stress or anxious thoughts but he probably did it more for trying not to.

“It… I just…” Riku would have loved to know how to get over his troubles with expression. He was better at it with Roxas than anyone else and he still failed miserably on many accounts. While he wished that he didn’t at least this time he’d yet to convey an entirely wrong message as he had on other occasions.

Never would he wish for Roxas to believe that he was unwanted, something that was downright impossible as far as Riku was concerned. His boyfriend meant everything to him and he never wanted to make it seem otherwise.

“…It’s been about a year since we met.” Riku started, knowing that was far from an explanation but still trying to arrange his thoughts into something coherent, something that wasn’t entirely tactless. That as always proved to be quite a challenge for him but he was determined to express it.
Roxas: the lime lighthairgeljunkie on August 2nd, 2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
Somehow it was becoming a struggle to remain seated at Riku's side, an awkward desire to perhaps pace the length of the floor gradually creeping upon the blond. And while Roxas resisted these wild reactions, drawing a leg beneath him as he adjusted his positioning, he'd simply watch his love with a quiet intensity.

Brief surprise registered on the youth's features as he mulled the remark, his mind stretching to recall the date of a time previous when he had walked upon his boyfriend's presence. And as he considered the incident, it did seem to be nearly a year past since he had been blessed with the company of his present love.. Not that he would have accepted as much then.

He had been so fickled in the face of friends, let alone companions.

Nodding slowly as Roxas agreed, his focus remained upon Riku, simply continuing to watch him in the event he made a physical indication of what he was attempting to convey; his concern had stilled though lingered, he hardly wanting to humor the idea that his love had grown tired of him...
black_keyblade on August 3rd, 2007 06:45 am (UTC)
At least Riku had gotten a start at saying what he’d struggled to say, even if he was still trying to get to the point. Roxas had acknowledged that he wasn’t somehow dead wrong about time and that was reassuring in its own way, though perhaps more difficult to come up with words as he knew he was under careful observation.

Not that he wasn’t usually but when he was trying to convey a point it was more difficult to say what he intended to say to his boyfriend. Despite the fact that he knew it wasn’t at all a negative thing, in fact he hoped that it would make Roxas happy, he still worried about what he said.

“That is… I wanted to do something… because it’s been about a year.” It probably sounded foolish but at least he was getting the words out. He wasn’t sure how strange a cruise would be, gaze dropping to his hands with the thought. He’d simply have to see what Roxas thought about it, and hope that it wasn’t entirely bizarre.

All he wanted was to do something that would make his boyfriend happy.
Roxas: get frisky tonighthairgeljunkie on August 3rd, 2007 11:00 pm (UTC)
The idea of an anniversary had yet to sink into Roxas' psyche, he presently lost on the idea that Riku wasn't intending something bad; the former fear of him leaving had certainly diminished the more his love explained, it however a challenge for the blond to contribute to the blanks. He certainly wasn't any better when it came to conveying some messages..

But it seemed that Riku wanted to do something.. To celebrate.

.. To celebrate. Eyebrows abruptly hiked as the thought came to him, the youth canted his head as he shifted nearer, tenderly placing a hand upon Riku's knee. ".. Like what?"

Guilt was beginning to replace his prior suspicion, Roxas now aware of his own negligence to pay mind to such details. They had known each other nearly a year, and that fact had escaped him.. He'd definitely have to make a point to make it up to his love, he decided, though figure it best to focus his attention upon Riku's efforts.
black_keyblade on August 4th, 2007 07:06 am (UTC)
Unsure whether the silence was a bad sign or not, Riku remained silent for a time as he deliberated, weighing his options and wondering what the best way to inform his boyfriend was. It should have been simple to tell him but he found that it wasn’t, and perhaps that was because he’d never spent so much time earning the money to afford something for someone else.

Even with all that work, it hardly seemed worthy of his love.

Finally he stood up, walking into the kitchen and picking the tickets up off the table. He looked at them for a while longer before he walked back to the couch and replaced himself beside Roxas, offering them for his boyfriend’s inspection. “I’ve… never done that myself. Wasn’t sure if you had.”

While he wanted so badly to do something that’d really make the other happy he wasn’t sure if he’d really managed to accomplish that. He couldn’t quite find something better to say.
Roxashairgeljunkie on August 4th, 2007 06:48 pm (UTC)
Their conversation appeared to have adopted a silent composure, Roxas equally lost in his thoughts as he deliberated his own overwhelming need to convey his love. And while he produced nothing but desperate blanks, he would simply continue to observe the other male, attention perhaps not intended.

Curious as he watched Riku's departure, the blond remained seated upon the count, uncertain if he was supposed to follow. But his boyfriend's return was fairly quick, thin sheets held within his hand before they were being offered to him. Confused, Roxas didn't hesitate as he accepted them, eyes however remaining upon his love before he'd allow his attention to drop.

Tickets. Cruise tickets, the youth realized upon closer inspection, he turning them over in his hands before flipping them once more. He could only imagine how much they must have cost, he unable to will his tongue to ask; it was a rude gesture to inquire, and if Riku had spent his money for them...

"...Wow." It was the only thing he could manage.
black_keyblade on August 5th, 2007 06:55 am (UTC)
Whether the reaction was positive or not was something Riku was unsure of. The entire time that he had saved he’d debated whether he’d come up with something that his boylove would enjoy or want, constantly questioning whether he actually had a good idea or if he had thought up something Roxas would dislike.

It was something that he more than dreaded, letting his attention wander to one of the walls as he considered what his boyfriend may have thought of the selection. Perhaps he didn’t like the ocean at all or thought that cruises were some waste of time. He should have found some means to learn more about Roxas and his preferences.

Better that than disappoint him, and he worried that he’d managed to do just that.

“…Is that…okay?” Riku ventured after some moments, gaze dropping to his lap before he convinced himself to look at Roxas again. If he’d made a mistake he’d find some way to somehow fix it, whatever that would demand of him. He wanted his boyfriend to know even a little of how important he was.
Roxas: serene smilehairgeljunkie on August 5th, 2007 07:17 am (UTC)
Roxas' lack of reaction failed to cross the blond's mind as he found himself thoroughly distracted while he gazed at the tickets, already lost within the realm of his imagination; the warmth of the sun stretching across the ocean, lounging on the deck of a ship, watching the waves part as they traveled along the sea--

Snapping out of his thoughts, Roxas turned to find Riku watching him, his own focus however dropping to the tickets once more. Okay? How could something as expensive as a cruise be simply okay?

"No," he stated carefully as his brows furrowed, blue focus lifting. ".. It's better than okay. This is .. Great. It's fantastic."

Perhaps unable to contain himself any longer, Roxas was quick to wrap his arms around Riku's throat as he leaned against him, the initial shock of the gift finally departing. Smiling, he pressed a tender kiss to his boyfriend's lips, already prepared to bask in the rays of the sun and escape he dreary cold of Jade. Not that he didn't mind the invitation to generate heat.. But he'd never been sailing before.